20,000 Pakistani debit card details appear in the dark tissue

On Tuesday, the FIA ​​said the major banks in the country have been cyber attacks that hit more than 20,000 users.

"More than 100 cyber-attacks have been registered with the FIA ​​and are being investigated." We made several arrests in the case, including the international gang last month, "FIA Director for Cybercrime Mohammad Shoaib told Geo News .

His comments followed a report from Moscow-based Moscow-based marketing group, which reported that a piece of data containing details of Pakistani debit cards is sold in the dark Internet.

However, the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) said the banks themselves had not been bothered. He also advised banks to increase their control.

The issue began to appear when the Bank Islami found a fraudulent transaction of Rs. 2.6 million ($ 20,000) on October 27. It then temporarily stopped its international transactions and informed the central bank.

A report published by Pakistan's PakCERT describes in detail the timing and scale of data leaks. He also claimed the SBP's statement and said the data was probably leaked through the card cut-off.

Credit: PakCERT