3 girl detectors, an adult was killed in the Wisconsin crash

A suspected hit-and-run driver was facing four homicides on Sunday after picking up hit girls pick up rubbish along Wisconsin's street, killing three guys and an adult escort, the police said.

Colt Treu, 21, was driving the black Ford F-150 that ran off the road and into the army on Saturday in Lake Hallie, about 95 miles east of Minneapolis, Lake Hallie Police Sgt. Daniel Sokup said. Treu left the scene but turned himself several hours later, Sokup said.

Two girls and escort died on stage, he said. Two injured girls rushed to a hospital where one died and one was hospitalized in a critical condition.

Hours later, hundreds of community members gathered outside the Halmstad Primary School, holding candles and umbrellas and signing songs to commemorate the victims

The Scouts Girls were in the fourth grade.

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"I'm shocked about the whole thing," said Joslyn Curtis, whose niece was one of the girl's detectors not injured in the crash, told The Telegraph Leader at Eau Claire, Wisconsin. "My heart comes out to everyone who has been hit and to their families, but I am so grateful that (her niece) was not one."

Sokup said the investigation is ongoing, but that the crash happened in the daylight in an area without blind spots.

"The area is not a dangerous area," he told the Minneapolis Star Tribune. He added that it was unclear whether Treu may have been distracted when the crash occurred.

Sokup said Treu would be charged with four categories of homicide through the negligence of using a vehicle.

Cecily Spallees, an employee in a nearby band at home, said the drivers regularly speed in the area, where the road changes from 55 mph to 35 mph. There are no road lights along the section of the road, he told Star Tribune.

"I'm always telling one of my residents that you do not have to walk this lane in the evening," said Spallees. "It is not safe."

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