3 girl detectors, an adult was killed in the Wisconsin crash

– A pickup truck from a road in western Wisconsin on Saturday and hit a group of Scouts girl picking up rubbish in a ditch, leaving three girls and an adult dead and critically criticizing a fourth girl, police said.

Sgt. Daniel Sokup of the Hallie Lake Police Service said the Ford F-150 black truck driver left the scene, but later turned himself around. Identify the driver as Colton Treu, 21, Chippewa, Falls, Wisconsin.

Sokup said Treu would be charged with four categories of homicide through the negligence of using a vehicle. Sokup said the crash occurred before a hill and there were no blind spots.

"The area is not a dangerous area," he said. Sokup said it was not immediately known whether there were any other factors that could lead the driver out of the way.

The crash occurred late Saturday morning, as the girls were dumping trash in a ditch at Lake Hallie, a town about 153 kilometers east of Minneapolis.

The girls were in the fourth grade at Halmstad Elementary School in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported a relative of a girl in the army who was not injured as she says. Red-haired women wore bright safety vests and were accompanied by many adults.

Two of the girls and the woman are pronounced dead on the stage. A third girl detector was taken to a hospital where she died later, Sokup said. The fourth girl was transferred to a hospital in critical condition. The names of the dead were not immediately released.

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