& # 39; Bigg Boss 13 & # 39; written briefing: Paras's mother advises him to keep distance from Mahira, Sidharth-Rashami fixes ways | TV news

New Delhi: On Friday, in the final part of the family tour, mothers Sidharth Shukla and Paras Chhabra came to meet their sons while his nephew and niece Rashami Desai paid a visit to Bigg Boss's house. While some received subtle warnings, others received some serious advice.

For the second round of the mission, as the buzzer struck and Sidharth's mother entered. He hugged Sidharth and broke. He introduced her to everyone and when he came to Rashami, he told his mother that they both take care of each other, putting aside all the necessities. Sidharth's mother said she is very proud of him and is doing great in the show. He advised him to keep entertaining everyone with his funny side as he was loved by the audience.

Then it was Paras's turn. His mother came into the house and met everyone and later insisted on having a word with him. Without fine words, he told him that he is very unhappy with the way he portrays himself and plays in the back. He asked him to stop being the godfather to the other contestants as he loses track of his own game in the bazaar. Paras' mother also warned him to keep a distance with Mahira and reiterated that he was not comfortable with their proximity. He told him to make the right decisions or else he should regret it later.

Meanwhile, Rasami has become emotional so far, no one from her family has come to meet her. Shefali and Sidharth comforted her and asked her to endure.

After Paras' mother left, Rashami's niece and nephew entered the house. He ran to them and held them tight. The twin pushed Rashami to do well and asked her to stay strong and not cry. They also asked Rasami to rekindle his friendship with Siddar and took him with him.

Later in the day, a fight broke out between Aarti and Vishal when he said he was not ashamed to be punished for his fight with Madhurima. Vishal got angry and told her that she was used to fighting other people.