4-year championships Pakistan has a positive start against Germany

The four Pakistan champions would like to take years of frustration and chaos when they take Germany with the highest position in their original match of the men's soccer world cup on Saturday.

The most successful team in the history of the World Cup with four titles, the last of which came in the early 1990s, Pakistan's hockey has fallen steadily over the past two and a half decades.

Just as a tremendous force in world hockey, Pakistan has now dropped to 13th in the world ranking, mainly due to lack of exposure and mismanagement and years of apathy by the national federation (PHF).

This is the state of Pakistan's hockey that their participation in the ongoing World Cup had serious doubts due to lack of funds and needed a last interference from Haier Pakistan to ensure the team's appearance in the tournament.

The home appliance company came as a last-minute sponsor and released nine million Pakistani rupees to cover the group's expenses in the tournament.

Pakistan's development is far from pink, as Tauqeer Dar, a member of the 1984 World Cup victory, took over the reign of the group just earlier this month after Roelant Oltmans left the post just four months before the Asian Champions Trophy in Oman.

Despite the existence of a rich history of the World Cup, few people count Pakistan in the tournament as their last world title came from 1994.

But for the past eight years, Pakistani hockey has fallen to the lowest slopes after returning with the 12th spoon from New Delhi in 2010 and then failing to qualify for the latest edition in The Hague in 2014.

Pakistan has gone through a bleak period in recent years. They went into qualifying, but somehow managed to finish in seventh place at the World Championship Semifinals in London to secure their place in the World Cup. The composition of the pool also does not favor Pakistan as they are placed in a harsh pool, time champions of the Netherlands and twice winners of Germany.

The other side of Malaysia – has made steady progress in recent years and is over Pakistan in 12th place in the ranking.

Pakistan coach Dar said that their goal would be to win a fight and secure a point at the crossroads.

"Germany is a tough team and we have not played for a long time, but the Germans have not played any big tournaments for the past 2 years, we had a few hiccups before the tournament but I never missed the game," he said.

"Despite the uncertainty that we have continued to prepare for our best abilities, we must win a fight to survive in the pool," Dar added.

The Trophy Championship 2014 battle, where some Pakistani players made obscene gestures to the crowd after they fell to India in the semi-final, would also play in their minds when they saw the same fans at Kalinga Stadium here.

The Germans, on the other hand, have been indifferent to the past one and a half years, and this is precisely the reason behind their fall in the sixth ranking.

The Netherlands will play Malaysia in the other match of the pool on Saturday.