7 excuses excuses you can use to save on a date in the last minute

Dating is amazing, but sometimes you just do not want to get in touch with your partner. You may feel lazy and just do not feel like this, or maybe you are the kind of person who just wants to postpone plans. Well, no one blames you for anything — we do it all! While the smart of the lot never run for reasons to cancel a date, the rest of us always struggle to find a fairly good excuse to say "not today!"

For all your peoples who want to escape from this date but do not know how – we have help! Here are legitimate reasons you can give to cancel it because you are not in the mood. You can thank us later!

1. "I'm cold and I do not want you to take it too much. "

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This will show how much you care about and of course will not force you to go out when you're not well. Problem solved!

2. "I have a really important presentation tomorrow that popped up at the last minute. I can not go out anytime soon! "

Work above anything else, ladies! Any excuse associated with your job and career is bound to work. For sure!

3. "My cousin has just broke up with her boyfriend. Need now … "

Of course, the family comes first. Surely, you will understand the pain and anxiety of a dissolution, and he will tell you to postpone the date after hearing this excuse.

4. "My roommate / friend is not well, I have to take her to the doctor. He has no family around! "

Yikes! This sounds serious. There is no way to oppose it or to ask you to leave a date.

5. "I'm sorry, but I do not have the best day. Can we go another time, please? "

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So you cancel a design, but also letting the person know that you are ok when you go out another day.

6. "Where are we going? Oh! This place? But I've already scheduled a date for us next week there … I wanted to surprise you! "

Surprise? Or just an excuse because you are too lazy to dress and go out? Instead, you want to curl on your bed all day and do nothing!

7. "I think we should take it a bit slow. Do not misunderstand. I hope you get me? "

This may be a bit difficult, but it must sound convincing and not make the person feel like you are not interested anymore. Instead, try to explain why you feel that way.

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