8 toxic memories just because the Dictionary of the Year of Oxford Dictionarys of the Year Opinion

Britney Spears hit the Oxford Dictionary to make the word "toxic" one thing. Only difference – now it's official!

The Oxford Dictionary has announced that "Toxic" is the "Word of the Year". An online statement from the popular dictionary said: "Oxford's Word of the Year is a word or expression that is judged to reflect the ethos, mood or worries of the past year and has a long-term potential as a cultural term."

They added, "This year, more than ever, people use" toxic "to describe a huge variety of things, situations, worries and events. In its original, literal use, it refers to poisonous substances, "toxic" has always been present in discussions about the health of our communities and about our environment. "A not so happy but reasonable choice, we think.

However, to lighten the mood, here is 8 millimeters based on the word of the year. Happy viewing!