83-year-old Wisconsin man walks to the polls after deer his entire car


John Pinter explains how he hit a deer, stood up in his car and had to walk about a mile from Cedarburg Station.
Mike De Sisti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

MILWAUKEE – In 83, John Pinter was forced to give up some things. Competitive pop dancing for one.

But it is he will not give up his right to vote, even if he has to steal it in the polls.

And this happened on Tuesday.

On Monday night, the Cedarburg man struck a deer, full of his car on his way from a business trip. So, on Election Day, one could see in turn walking about a mile from his apartment building to the Community Center Gymnasium to vote.

"I'm emphatic, so I take about 20 steps and I have to stop," said Pinter, who is known in some circles as half of the Polkateers favorite duo dance festival.

"I have never lost the elections, I had to vote today," he said. "This is a freedom that the Americans have."

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Pinter is a small businessman who still lives by car around the state on Buick Park Avenue in 2000 that sells goods in hardware stores. (We murdered the day with "No Deer Hunting" marks).

He was on a business trip to the north when he remembered that he had to vote on Tuesday, so he cut it short and headed south. A few miles from his home, he says, hit a huge dollar – the third deer this year, according to Pinter. He was able to drive his car home, he said, but it was clear from the moment he got there that he was parked for good.

Pinter said he called around Tuesday morning in the hope of taking a walk in the polls, but without result.

"So, I decided, the best thing I had to do was walk."

Pinter is a self-described "truce supporter," for the most part, he says, why he is against abortion. But he does not always agree with him. He dislikes the political mistreatment, especially the ads of assault, which he described as "ugly" and "horrible" on both sides.

And he can not understand why some people just do not vote.

Pinter had been offered at home by the polls, but he declined. Instead, he went to the library to start looking for a new car to get back on track.

"When the course becomes tough, the hard going ahead," he said. "Unfortunately, without a vehicle, I'm out of business."

Contribution: Bruce Vielmetti from Cedarburg.

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