A deeper understanding of sustainability with Bernie de Le Cuona, founder and CEO of de Le Cuona

Welcome to its second season Interior Style Hunter Podcast, hosted by Grant Pierrus.

In this sixth episode, we welcome you Bernie de Le CuonaFounder and Managing Director by Le Cuona.

During our discussion we uncover some valuable insights into sustainability in the field of interior design. De Le Cuona has invested heavily in sustainability, and Bernie and I are discussing the technical nature of the thing, but also the benefits, which are not always financial.

Highlights from this episode

  • How has the vision of the de Le Cuona brand changed over the last 27 years? [0:03:46]
  • Where does Bernie de Le Cuona find design inspiration? [0:07:25] What does sustainability mean for Bernie de Le Cuona?
  • What does it mean for Le Le Cuona's customers? [0:08:43]
  • Launch of Le Cuona's first home biological collection [0:12:06]
  • Why should designers and architects recommend organic products to their clients? [0:12:40]
  • How have you developed this biological linen compared to your competitors? [0:16:55]

All this and more in today's episode! So make sure you tune in to hear it all.

Links to today's episode:

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Website – Global Standard for Organic Textiles (GOTS)