A fan records a 150Kmph Mitchell Stac tradition in Adelaide during Australia vs. South Africa 2nd ODI

Still another bad appearance of the victory saw the Australians launch for a mere 231 in the second International One Day (ODI) against South Africa on Friday at Adelaide Oval.

However, once again, the Aussie bowlers came to rescue; made a wonderful victory for seven winners, thanks to three trumpets by Markson Stevie, two for Mitchell Stack, and Josh Hazlewood and Pat Kommins also made a grid.

During South Africa's sovereignty at 231, Mitchell Strath delivered a 150km / phr tradition to Aiden Markram, who with a full force broke the ball into the kiosks.

While the shot was undoubtedly amazing, the focus of the moment turned out to be a spectator who caught the flying ball in the kiosks and the following scenes were dramatic and a great spectacle.

The man, who caught the ball with his bare hands, saw jumping up and down like a child with excitement, causing the hullabaloo to stand.

The video got the virus and the man in red received a tremendous appreciation for his excellent catch capabilities.

Adelaide has been a hunt for the hosts in the past and once again turned out to be their favorite. After losing seven ODIs in the draw, Australia eventually won a one day fight after a nine-month gap and that was in Oval Adelaide.