A platform of luxury real estate competition launched by 2 developers in London

Would not we all want to win a big unexpected? Well that's exactly what 2 big business developers are doing for someone. Harry Dee and Jonny Jackson from Gatsby Property has launched a luxury real estate competition platform where you can win a luxury property for just £ 10 a ticket. It is called Cadivus which means unexpected in Latin.

I met Harry and took me to a tour of the apartment with 2 bedrooms, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, located in South Kensington.

This duet has been thinking about everything and has really spent time and money investing in the legal side of things to ensure that this is not just another property lottery. No, this is a professionally organized platform that starts with ownership, but will also be a platform for future properties from other developers. Harry told me they had already contacted a real estate developer in a very famous place.

Well, how does it benefit you? Well, for £ 10, you can buy a ticket and if you are the lucky winner, you win the following:

  • A beautifully designed 2-bedroom apartment
  • All furniture and furniture
  • The first service fee is charged
  • The first year of the municipal contract is paid
  • Legal fees and stamp duties are also covered!

To buy tickets, please visit Cadivus.