A quick thinking of Ohio, 8, saved him and his sister from an attempted kidnapping

The frightening incident occurred Thursday in Middletown, about 30 miles northeast of Cincinnati. The boy, whom only police recognized as Chance, and his sister, recognized as Skylar, sat in the back seat of their grandmother's car as he took a woman in an emergency room in the hospital. Grandma, Nita Coburn, came out of the car to help the woman in the emergency room. About 10 seconds later a man jumped to the driver's seat and left.

"The little boy opened the door to escape and the little girl began to jump too, but the man grabbed the little girl's hoodie and did not let him go," wrote Middletown police at the Facebook page. "As she tried to escape her little brother, she grabbed her and pulled her away from the kidnapper and both collapsed as they moved."

Children's escape from the vehicle and their grandmother's desperate attempt to save them were recorded in a security video, which police shared in another location on Facebook. In the video, the car seems to be driven away from the emergency room entrance just like a side door of the co-passenger swings open. Coburn runs up to the car and tries to pull the driver's door into the vehicle while the kids fall off the passenger's side.

Coburn was moved from the vehicle a short distance before being forced to leave. Shortly after, two officers saw the vehicle and stopped and arrested the driver. Dalvir Singh has been charged with two charges of kidnapping and criminal assault and theft, the police said.

Dalvis Singh

The Middletown police chief praised the 8-year-old boy's bravery and quick thought.

"This little guy is a hero, without any doubt, pulling his sister out of the car without worrying about his safety, which is unbelievable at his age," said the Facebook page of Middletown. "And the extraordinary work of our officers to find the suspect and make him out of an incident, so proud of their work."

The Middletown police said they would honor the boy for his heroic action.