Aamir Khan Kiran Rao And The Son Of The Game Dress Up In Asterix Costumes Entertainment

Aamir Khan sets high standards and breaks stereotypes, a "100-crore-club" movie, at a time. Mr. Bollywood & Mr. Perfectionist has proven to be one of the best actors in Indian celuloid, and what we love even more is his charming persona offscreen. This is a spiritual, spontaneous man who is an emotional family man and is not willing to speak or show it. Whether he confessed to Karan Johar Coffee with Karan 6 who often shower with his wife Kiran Rao, or who joking that would be more than happy if Kiran woke up as Katrina Kaif, are super athletic and we absolutely like it.

<img id = "ed-img" title = "aamir1.jpg" src = "https://im.idiva.com/content/2018/Nov/amir1.jpg" alt = "aamir1.jpg”/>

Only a few hours ago, Aamir surprised his fans with yet another look of his fun. And this time, his wife and son Azad were also part of this scandal. Going to Instagram, the actor announced 3 images from fam dressed as characters from the well-known French comic book, Asterix. From what we see, Aamir is dressed as Owl, Kiran as Getafix and Azad as Asterisk. Aumir can also see wearing Dogmatix, their pet dog. The photos also include some of Azad's friends, in what looks like a costume party that Hans had planned to celebrate Arad's birthday (ie on December 1st), we assume.

While a photograph is of Aamir and his family with their entertaining clothes, the other two are Aamir (with Dogmatix in his hands) and the children in the series, waiting for Kiran to serve them a cup of punch. He called it the last one, "Obelix waits for the magical filter line while Asterix is ​​drinking his dose."

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Hans look like they had a ball with all the cosplay, and we definitely had the taste of fun! Here we want a little Azad a very happy birthday in advance, and Kiran and Aamir much more love and craziness. You are family goals!