Abhijit Bose: WhatsApp appoints Abhijit Bose as CEO of WhatsApp India

WhatsApp announced on Wednesday that it has appointed Abhijit Bose as the head of WhatsApp India. Bose, who joins WhatsApp from Ezetap where he has been co-founder and chief executive officer, will build the first full AllsApp team outside of California and headquartered in Gurgaon, according to a company statement.

WhatsApp said Bose and his team will focus on helping businesses, as large as and small, with their customers. Earlier this year, WhatsApp released WhatsApp Business for Small Business Owners and API Business WhatsApp to serve larger businesses that engage with large-scale customers. Today, there are over one million users of these WhatsApp Business Products in India.

"WhatsApp is deeply committed to India and we are thrilled to continue to build products that help people connect and support India's fast-growing digital economy." As a successful entrepreneur himself, Abhijit knows what he needs to build major partnerships that can serve businesses in India, "said Matt Idema, Managing Director of WhatsApp.

"WhatsApp is qualified and can be an important partner for economic integration and economic growth in India. It's not just the way so many families stay in touch, but more and more is how businesses bind with customers WhatsApp can positively affect the lives of hundreds of millions of Indians, allowing them to participate actively and benefit from the new digital economy, "said Bosse.

Bose joins WhatsApp from Ezetap where he has served as co-founder and CEO. Founded in 2011, Ezetap is an electronic payment company. Bose is a graduate of the Harvard Business School and Cornell University.

Bose will participate in WhatsApp in early 2019.