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Accommodation in La Loma Lodge

If you are looking for a vacation that consists of relaxation in the jungle while surrounded by beautiful beaches, then Bocas del Toro you have to move to the top of your bucket list. One of the most enchanting accommodation experiences I have ever made is the stay at La Loma Lodge, a jungle & chocolate resort, on Bastimentos Island.

Here's my review at La Loma Lodge at Bocas Del Toro!

La Loma Lodge

How to get to La Loma Lodge

Bocas del Toro is one of the most remote places in Panama, so we recommend booking a long stay so you can slow down and get to know all that the islands have to offer.

You can reach Bocas del Toro by bus or plane. Check out my latest Bocas del Toro guide for more information on how to get to the islands!

Once you get to Bocas, you'll need to get a quick water taxi at Bahia Honda at Isla Bastimentos, where La Loma is located. Once you make your reservation, you will receive full details of the arrival instructions.

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The Ranchos

There are four ranches hidden in the jungle. Although referred to as "ranch", the rancho I stayed in aesthetics more like an open tree! Each rancho has a private bathroom with hot showers, comfortable beds and furnished furniture made from local materials.

They use solar panels to provide electricity to the lights and ceiling fans. There is no A / C or TV that means you can enjoy the breeze of the jungle and the sounds of wildlife. I woke up to the sounds of birds and monkeys in the morning and I was afraid of the view from my bed!

Each rancho has a stunning outdoor design so you have a full panoramic view of the jungle and the ocean.

Even the showers have a private but open view of the jungle!

Every morning, you will wake up with hot coffee or tea in a small box just outside your door. You can start your morning nice and slow as you get in the view from your balcony as the sun rises (or shortly after sunrise if you are a slow starter like me lol).

To reach 3 of the four ranch, you will have to spend a steep 5-7 minute climb, but the views are worth it!