Addressing the issue of sustainability focuses on the interior with Nick Shute and Stefan Dodds, co-founders of Dodds & Shute

Photo by Beth Crockatt

Welcome to its second season Interior Style Hunter Podcast, hosted by Grant Pierrus.

In this eighth episode, we welcome Nick Shute and Stefan Dodds, their co-founders Dodds & Shute.

We discover some exciting ideas for Dodds & Shute and their approach to disrupting the design sector through sustainable procurement.

Highlights from this episode

  • Introduce yourself and tell us more about your business [0:00:01]
  • The evolution of sustainable supplies through the design sector and Dodd & Shute's market influence. [0:03:36]
  • What does Dodd & Shute do, which service do you offer? [0:05:07]
  • Obtaining the functionality, design and viability to work on a project is a challenge – how can we solve the problem? [0:07:36]
  • What are the furniture companies that are really doing to change their viable credentials? . [0:9:23]
  • Where the responsibility lies – producer, designer / architects / consumers – and how to get all parties to stand. [0:13:11]
  • Where do Dodds & Shute get their best ideas? [0:24:00]
  • What is the biggest challenge to building your business [0:25:31]

All this and more in today's episode! So make sure you tune in to hear it all.

Links to today's episode:

Website – Dodds & Shute

Instagram – Dodds & Shute