Alabama's statement against LSU was unnecessary but impressive


Recovering the top moments of the action of week 10 of the college football, which include the Michigan Residence in Penn State and many more.

BATON ROUGE, LA – In the moments that have faded, the victory has long been secured, a small group of fans along the line of visitors started a familiar chant:

"We want" Bama! We want "Bama! We want" Bama! "

These were the followers of Alabama, so this comes as an excellent troll job, yes. But look for a moment, after the Crimson Tide 29-0 victory against the LSU, that they are quite likely to be right:

The only ones who want "Bama is, okay," Bama.

When the beatdown was complete, Nick Saban learned that his team wanted to make a statement, and the senior official Damien Harris explained what he was:

"We are real," said Harris, "And I think we have proved this to ourselves more than anyone else."

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We are not sure that we need to prove to someone else. And let's be real, the idea of ​​a showdown on Saturday night sounds good, but if you watched the teams' tours to get to the Tiger Stadium, it seemed more than just a little forced.

But the immediate context, from Tide's perspective, was domination over a soft timetable. At 7-1, with very good defense and ranking in 3rd place in the original version of football, the LSU presented at least a credible challenge. And this is before accounting for the atmosphere, with the decibel levels ratcheted somewhere past ridiculous.

But ridiculous also describes the splendor of Alabama. Through nine games, nobody wanted "Bama. There is someone;

It starts – we already knew – with Tua Tagovailoa. Though the touchdowns did not come so easily, he was still seeing times, as if he were the sophomore at the center of video games.

He took the arrows on the wide-open receivers that zigzagged through the secondary. He dropped a tear at the tips of the tight end Irv Smith, a devastatingly perfect connection near the end of the second quarter that sent Alabama to the closet at halfway ahead 16-0 – and sucks all the roar from the Tiger stage. And in the third quarter, Tagovailoa ran 44 meters to score "laughing at the last 30 yards," he said, after saying something to his right knee.

But so important was a well-known defensive performance – but we had not seen it at this time. Alabama owned LSU in 196 shipyards and 12 shipwrecks. Remove the lost yardage from bags, and LSU rushes to a total of 41.

"They just kicked us off," said LSU Coach Ed Orgeron, "and we could not do anything about it."

What does all this mean?

"Twenty-nine nothing," said Tagovailoa. And then he paused for a moment and looked at the edge of the field toward the giant showcase where the score was missing.

"All we did was go out here and play football," he continued, and then a few minutes later, he added, "It shows you what we can do basically against anyone."

Alternative explanation: The LSU was so challenging, it was unlikely to pose a threat. Orgeron has galvanized the LSU, which has fallen in realistic disputes over the playoffs, but is still headed for at least 10 wins. But in the end, what we suspected was exposed.

Despite the 7-1 start and the highest ranking, the LSU is not an elite, and it is because of the same aggressive issues that have held the program for years. It does not matter the bad atmosphere. It does not matter a defense that was easily the best Alabama he encountered.

LSU had no chance.

But maybe, no one else.

Within the Securities and Exchange Commission, at least, this certainly appears to be true. Alabama continued a series of dominance at the most proud college football conference that is amazing. It is difficult to measure how good the competition is in the championship. The biased perceptions die hard – so, as an example, Florida's mid-double loss squad ranked somewhat in 11th place by the playoff panel last week, largely relying on its victory against the LSU. Missouri broke the Gators on Saturday in Gainesville.

But look around the soccer college to the jockeying candidates for playoff position. Which of these seem to really want "Bama, much less to beat them?

The list can begin and end with Clemson, which seems to have been built with the kind of integrated structure – great defense, a powerful offense with a general that improves every week. We could head to another Tide vs. Tigers.

In any case, we can at least promote Alabama to the SEC championship game against Georgia. Not really. Both allowed their division on Saturday, the sooner it happened.

Saban questioned for the first time whether a journalist was correct in reporting this event and then began to curb the debate about the bigger picture. Then it is the state of Mississippi. Then comes the traditional confectionery FCS of November (this year is the Acropolis). And then Auburn.

Since we have seen so far, it seems safe to assume that the last three regular season games are just more statements waiting to be made (and Georgia, let's not forget, we lost 20 points in Baton Rouge a few weeks back). Just do not try to tell Saban.

"Our focus," said Saban, "will be," You have done a great job in this game and I am proud of you, but we have to do it again. "This must be who we are."

Not that he really needed to prove – but it really is.

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