Alec Baldwin says he did not lose the man in the New York parking dispute

NEW YORK – Alec Baldwin denies that he hit someone over a parking spot and says an attack claim is reported "for the purposes of clickbait entertainment." The actor was arrested on Friday and charged with assault and harassment as he allegedly struck another person in the face during a dispute over a parking spot in New York.

The journalist of Baldwin refused to comment after the arrest. But the actor later tweeted from the Hilaria Foundation's and Alec Baldwin's account that "the claim that I punched someone over a parking spot is false." I wanted to go to history saying so much. "

In a second tweetBaldwin complained that he has become a "sport" to point people with so many "negative charges and defamation of claims as much as possible for click-shopping entertainment."

He read: "Fortunately, no matter how reverberation of echo, does not make the statements true."

Bloody, 60, told the police that a family member held the spot in front of his Manhattan home when a man driving a Saab carriage pulled and took him. The station wagon driver told Baldwin police that he was hit by his hand but was not sure whether it was a punch or a slap.

Alec Baldwin was arrested in New York

Alec Baldwin leaves the 6th Precinct of the New York Police Department on November 2, 2018.

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The police said the 49-year-old driver complained of pain and redness in the neck area and was transferred to a hospital.

It was not clear from his tweets whether this particular claim that Baldwin wanted to rebut was that he threw the other man or some other aspect of the story. The reporter told him he had no comment.

Baldwin was released from the local police district in Manhattan's Greenwich Village neighborhood after about two hours. He was convicted to appear in court on 26 November.

Baldwin, the star of the 30 Rock Rock TV sitcom and current matchmaker, plays President Trump for Saturday Night Live and recently launched a talk show for ABC.

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