Alibaba strategic investment Suning Sports, Youku PP Sports Intermodal Youku Sports

On the afternoon of July 19th, Alibaba Group’s rotating president and president of Daiyouku and Ali Music CEO Yang Weidong announced that Alibaba’s strategic investment in Suning Sports.

Yang Weidong said: “This acquisition of Suning Sports is another increase in Alibaba’s sports field. It also means that the two major economies of Ali and Suning are developing in the new retail sector, based on the sports industry. In order to further deepen the integration.”

Youku will serve as an important carrier for the strategic cooperation between Alibaba Group and Suning Sports, and cooperate with Sun Sports’ PP Sports around the sports content to jointly create Youku PP sports intermodal platform. And cooperate in various areas such as member brands and services. Suning Sports’ copyright resources include 90% of domestic sports content, including the top-level leagues in Europe, the Super League, the Chinese team, the AFC Champions League and other football events, as well as UFC, WWE, Pai Chao and other vertical boutique events.

 Alibaba strategic investment Suning Sports, Youku PP Sports Intermodal Youku Sports

Alibaba completed the right Suning Sports’ strategic investment

Alibaba strategic investment Suning Sports, Youku PP Sports Intermodal Youku Sports

<"The reason why Suning and Ali can once again reach a new cooperation in the new field is that the two sides have a high degree of understanding of the sports industry." Su Ning, vice president of Suning Sports Group, said, "Suning has a complete ecological layout of the sports industry, and Ali has With a large population of pan-entertainment users, the two sides can form complementary advantages. In the future, further deep cooperation in the pan-entertainment eco-industrial chain will bring infinite commercial imagination and brand new business. Since the opportunity. "

2015 Nian Alibaba Group and Suning reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides deeper cooperation in the retail, Lynx and Suning collaborate in the field of digital home appliances, has become a model for cooperation in the field of retail. The Alibaba Group’s strategic stake in Suning Sports is based on the coordinated development of the retail sector and further deep integration based on the cultural and sports content industry.

According to the “13th Five-Year Plan” of the “Sports Industry” issued by the State Sports General Administration, as of now, the number of pan-sports enthusiasts has reached 600 million, of which 300 million football enthusiasts, 200 million Users who regularly watch sports games and information, 100 million watch online sports video users, 37 million enthusiastic football fans. By 2020, the total size of China’s sports industry will exceed 3 trillion, and the number of employees will exceed 6 million. The re-engagement of Ali and Suning will inevitably bring more imagination to the development of the entire sports industry.

Complementary Advantages Youku PP Sports to Create Intermodal Platform

In May of this year, Youku officially announced that it will become the official partner of CCTV’s designated new media in the 2018 World Cup and become a domestic history. The first mainstream Internet video platform to win the World Cup live broadcast rights. It is understood that between June 15 and July 15 this year, more than 180 million users have watched the World Cup on Youku, which is equivalent to 1/7 of China’s total population. QM’s data report shows that after the World Cup kickoff, Youku APP’s DAU The average growth during the non-competition period in June reached 22%.

Yang Weidong said that the significance of the World Cup live broadcast to Youku is to explore a methodology for the operation of sports events, including technical support, self-made programs, and innovative interactive games. During the World Cup, with the advantage of Alibaba Cloud and Youku’s technical team, Youku solved the low-definition live broadcast of sports events and the pain points of Caton users, especially the 50-frame live broadcast application was well received by fans. In addition, through a variety of features, such as the characteristics of the ball, the red envelope, the team, the attitude of the PK and other games, including “this is the world wave”, “white World Cup”, “macro world wave” and other multi-around The program, linked to Taobao, Alipay, Hungry, Box Horse, Rural Taobao and other Ali’s nearly 30 businesses of ecological potential, Youku Sports has formed a sports operation with a variety of entertainment features.

“Youku Live World Cup is not a short-lived fever, but the starting point for Alibaba to fully enter the sports content industry, which is a determination and signal for us to invest in sports content.” Yang Weidong said.

 Alibaba strategic investment Suning Sports, Youku PP Sports Intermodal Youku Sports

“With China’s sports consumption demand Increasingly, in order to have a more viscous interaction with users, Suning began to lay out the sports industry as early as four years ago. At present, Suning Sports Group has become China’s largest sports industry group. “Talking about the layout of sports industry When Mi Fu introduced it.

It is understood that Suning Sports Group currently covers four major sectors: sports media, OTT services, sports retail and sports training. It also owns Jiangsu Suning Football Club and Inter Milan Football Club.

The sports of Suning Sports include 90% of the domestic sports content resources, including European top leagues, Super League, China Team, AFC Champions and other football events, as well as UFC, WWE, Pai Chao, etc. The vertical boutique event copyright forms a sports content matrix centered on the football industry.

In addition, PP Sports has top-level content production capabilities, and has broadcast and broadcast centers in Beijing, Shanghai and Nanjing. It can simultaneously broadcast more than 25 channels of event signals and conduct annual competitions. The live broadcast has exceeded 8,000 games. At the same time, it also brought together Zhan Jun, Huang Jianxiang, Su Dong, Dong Lu, Li Xin, Yan Yichen, Liu Yue and other famous industry names, as well as the new generation of interpretations produced by the “Football Commentary Conference”, creating the most luxurious Commentary team.

It is understood that PP Sports will continue to position itself to create a professional sports content platform, while Youku Sports Channel will explore more content of pan-sports and pan-based entertainment based on sports content. The joint development of the Youku PP sports intermodal platform will inevitably become a model for the big sports and big entertainment fields.