All photos of Priyanka Chopras Bachelorette in Amsterdam Entertainment

Priyanka Chopra lives a great life – from the jet setting to exotic locals to have homes in Mumbai, Los Angeles and New York. And since they are all ready to tie the knot with Nick Jonas, he was not satisfied with the NYC bachelorette held at Tiffany's. (The matter was Breakfast at Tiffany's) No, she had to have a second in Amsterdam with her BFFs.

The PC shared photos of her weekend trip that involved cooling on a boat with the managers of Natasha Pal, Chanchal D'Souza, the noble Parineeti Chopra and friends Tamanna Dutt, Dana Supnick-Guidoni, Shrishti Behl Arya and sister to be Sophie Turner also known as Sansa Stark Game of thrones. The PC chose a white sweater dress with details of the feather and his wife with a cream coat. Designed her appearance with high-boots. For her next outing, she picked up an orange and pink sweater combined with a checked skirt. This time he wore a bride sheet and a giant ring as a headgear.

Girls clearly painted the red city and after the party, Priyanka shared a video with herself carrying Sophie on her back, signing # highheelfail and calling her sister J.

The bachelorette peaked with an elaborate party full of pink and golden balloons, roses and plenty of champagne. This time around the computer took an elaborate winged dress, and a hat that fits.

The bachelorette looked like such a fun and the boy wanted to be part of the computer's inner circle to enjoy these shenanigans with her!