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Amazing destinations to celebrate Christmas

There is nothing like visiting a destination for Christmas. Try out the usual streets covered by the flashing lights, the aroma of spices spiced in the air and there is no shortage of unique food, drinks or celebrations.

Whether you dream of a white Christmas in Europe or a holiday break on the beach, there are many countries all over the world who go over and over to make the festive season an unforgettable time of year.

Are you ready to celebrate the wonderful time of the year in style? Here are some amazing destinations to celebrate Christmas all over the world!

Christmas in Prague

Christmas in Prague

Prague is one of the most picturesque winter destinations in Europe. With charming architecture and unique Christmas traditions, it is the perfect place to get to know the absolute Christmas fairy tales abroad.

The capital of the Czech Republic has some of Europe's best markets in the Old Town Square. Here you will find a birth scene complete with real cows and sheep as well as sellers selling everything from ornaments to handmade gifts.

While shopping for a storm, do not forget to buy a fresh candy. It is a wonderful traditional Czech Christmas cookie!

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Christmas in Budapest

Christmas in Budapest

Christmas in Budapest means lights, hot wine and many exhibitions. One of the things that put Budapest apart from other European destinations is the Szechenyi bath, a large outdoor spa bath.

Nothing compares enough to relaxing in the warm waters while the snow falls around you. The Christmas market in the city is said to be one of the best in Europe and lasts almost two months!

They are located in Vorosmarty and St. Stephen's Square, hundreds of sellers, sell handicrafts, traditional Toki weapons and unique gifts such as jewelry with flowers. Stop the adventure of the Winter miracle worker by skating near St. Stephen's Basilica!

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Blonde in London

Christmas in London

From ice rink to gala afternoon tea, London has it all! The country embraces the holiday decoration more than most. Head to Trafalgar Square to see the huge Christmas tree decorated with hundreds of lights and ornaments.

It is an annual gift given to London by Norway since 1947.

What better way to embrace the cold than to go for ice skating at the Somerset House's open skating rink. You can warm up with a cocktail later in the Skate Lounge or make some last minute shopping at Harrod's. It's one of the best places for Christmas shopping in London!

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Christmas in Rio

Christmas in Rio de Janeiro

In the mood for a tropical Christmas? Change gloves and winter jackets for bikini and caipirinhas on the beach.

With most Christmas days and day with their families, you will have the pristine beaches of the country for yourself. Enjoy the warm ninety degrees and celebrate the festive season with your tan.

When hunger strikes, enjoy a traditional Brazilian Christmas meal from turkey, rice, salad, fruit, farsa, cantone and ravanada. Panettone is a soft sweet Italian bread and ravanada is the Brazilian twist in French toast but covered with sugar and cinnamon.


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Christmas in Moscow

Christmas in Moscow

Do you want to experience one of the biggest Christmas markets in Europe? Head to Moscow, Russia and get lost in the picturesque stalls of "Journey to Christmas".

From December 18th to January 14th, each region of Moscow is transformed into a Christmas celebration as part of the festival. Browse art exhibits, shopping vendors, delicious food stalls, and watch street festivals and concerts.

Keep an eye out for the Christmas mosaic! It sits 17 meters high and is the largest of its kind in Russia.

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Rockefeller Center in New York on Christmas

Christmas in New York

New York is one of my favorite Christmas destinations. With the Rockefeller Tree, ice skating at Bryant Park, Christmas-themed bar and concerts like Rockettes and Nutcracker, there's so much you can see and do to put you in the spirit of holiday.

Grab the passage of New York and enter over 70 New York's iconic sights. I've saved over $ 150 with the three-day pass! Just be sure to plug in because it can get pretty cool!

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Christmas in Paris

Christmas in Paris

Oh, the city of love. What's more romantic than ice skating in front of the Eiffel Tower? Paris is proud to have over the top Christmas screens.

Grab your partner and escape from flats and street vendors selling grilled chestnut trees. Stop by Galeries Lafayette to see the impressive Christmas tree.

It's one of the most beautiful appearances in all of Paris!

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Christmas in Disneyland

Christmas at Disneyland

Do not miss to celebrate Christmas at Disneyland! You are never so old to release your inner child to the happiest place on earth. Take the spirit with a Mickey and Minnie Mouse Christmas sweater and watch the festive performances make their way down Main Street.

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Christmas in Vienna

Christmas in Vienna

There is nowhere in Europe to capture the spirit of Christmas such as Austria. It is the capital, Vienna, turns into a fascinating country.

Shopping is packed with people who buy gifts, thousands of chandeliers shine in the center of Graben and Kartner Strasse and the aroma of roasted chestnuts fills the chilled air. Keep warm with a Weihnachtspunsch (Christmas fist of tea, spices, sugar, and spirits such as rum or brandy).

Weihnachtspunsch is serving hot tubing in collecting mugs in each market.

Make sure you visit the Town Hall square! A festive sea of ​​lights, tree decorations, handicraft workshops and a carousel bring all the flavors of Christmas.

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Which of these amazing Christmas destinations would you like to spend exploring the holiday? Let us know the following comments!