Amazon Prime to bet on short content content to take on YouTube's opponents, Facebook

Mumbai: Jeff Bezos plans to use short form content for Amazon Prime users to take biggies like You-Tube and Facebook, says Gaurav Laghate.

Two evolution-aware people told ET that Amazon plans to put video less than 15 minutes like music videos, trailers, comedy and videotapes on its platform.

"YouTube's success lies in short and exciting content, Facebook also raises such content on its Facebook Watch platform," said one of the above-mentioned people. "The huge increase in watch time on YouTube and the number of daily and monthly users from Reliance Jio's release is unbelievable and it was just a matter of time for Amazon to focus on it."

A query sent by email to Amazon Prime Video did not cause any response until the pressures on Thursday. The second person mentioned above stated that the move aims to acquire more creators on the Prime Video platform and ultimately make consumers spend more time. "Contrary to YouTube and Facebook, who have a revenue sharing agreement with content creators, Amazon will pay creators based on the views of the content," he said.