Amazon to invest in creating regional content for fast-growing Prime Video

MUMBAI: India is the fastest growing geography for Amazon Prime and Prime Video, launched by the company in December 2016, and is the highest level of engagement in the entire world, said Amit Agarwal, Country Manager, India.

Amazon also raises the content game by running 30 more originals in many languages ​​as it seems to be a mass market to capture more consumers.

"We are investing heavily in creating original content because we see a very strong adoption of videos watched by new customers, and we see many customers becoming primary members starting with the video, and people starting out with shopping are busy with Prime very quickly. "

Prime Video now offers content in six Hindi languages ​​- Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Marathi and Kannada. Analysts believe that by 2022, Prime Video will become the world's second largest streaming service with 178 million members, and Amazon looks at a large number of users from India.

"Prime Video is a prime asset of the Prime program, and we are very excited about the way Prime goes to India." As we continue to talk about how the first 100 million customers deal with Amazon, we are now focusing on getting the next 100 millions of customers from India, increasing Prime's participation to the next level, "Agarwal told ET.

Amazon Prime offers benefits such as free delivery the next day and guaranteed two-day delivery, as well as music and video-free advertising services.

Incidentally, the company is witnessing a rapid adoption of Prime service and membership has now spread to more than 1,000 cities. "It's not just a bourgeois phenomenon and it has been accepted across the country. In October, the service grew by 120% compared to last year," he said.

The behavior of Indian customers is also very unique in the case of service. Agarwal said that within 24 hours of joining Prime, customers ended up flowing. That is why the company has decided to penetrate deeper with its expansion into regional markets.

"One of the reasons why we quickly add regional content is to reach the next hundred million customers quickly. In India, we want to be the place that transforms the way millions of customers shop around and have fun."