Amber Alert: North Carolina's girlfriend, 13, was kidnapped outside her home

The FBI offers a $ 15,000 reward for information leading to Chania Noelia Aguilar.

She was at the Rosewood Mobile Home Park, waiting for the rest of her family to go out and drive to school when she was forced to move into a car before 7am, said the FBI police and the Lumberton police.

"A witness saw a male man dressed in all the blacks and wearing a yellow Handa vanilla force in a relative's car parked on the street," the FBI said.

Lumberton Police Chief Michael McNeill told reporters at a press conference on Tuesday: "Every second counts when a child is missing".

"We want to make sure we do everything in the early hours to get this kid back and take this kid back safely," he said. "She is part of our community and we need her back home, her family needs her home."

McNeill said, "When it hurt, we hurt here as well."

In a message about her daughter, read by the FBI, Chania's mother said, "I only want my daughter behind me, I'm here to wait for you, I love you and I care for you."

"I have nothing against whoever did you this, I just want you to come back," the message said.

According to the FBI, Chania is a Hispanic, about 5 feet tall, weighing about 126 pounds. The teen, who has black hair and brown eyes, appeared for the last time wearing blue jeans and a blue shirt with flowers, the FBI said.

Hania was led to a 2002 green expedition with the Ford Expedition with South Carolina NWS-984, Lumberton police said. The hood of the car peels and there is a Clemson sticker in the rear window.

A witness said that Hania was forced to do a green Ford campaign like that.

The police, Sheriff County County office, FBI agents and agents with the State Bureau of Investigation are attending nearly 50 leads, the statement said.

CNN's WRAL subsidiary reported that Hania was an octopus at Lumberton Junior High School.

She reports to her sister Heylin Perez saying that Hania had gone out to start the family car despite her aunt telling her not to do so.

"She just took the keys and started to activate it," said Perez. "And somewhere from nowhere the man came and took her away."

The family heard Chania screaming, he said.