An eye for detail and energy with Simon Rawlings of David Collins Studio

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In this episode of Hunter's podcast, we are united by none other than Simon Rawlings, creative director of Studio David Collins!

In his role in the studio Simon has overseen the realization of some of the most famous places of hospitality, habitation and retail in the world. He has been working for David Collins for almost two decades and during this time he has worked worldwide for the industry defining works.

In our conversation, Simon shares his experiences and views, and what he thinks has come to determine his work and the studio. Simon played a huge role in creating David Collins' signature style, almost obsessive attention to detail using color as a virtuoso as a means of creating mood through the environment. He listens to us about some aspects of his career, the importance of practices and initiatives for youth, and his preference for space planning instead of photographs.

For all of this and much more to tune!

Key points of this episode:

  • A short story and introduction to David Collins Studio and Simon's participation.
  • David Collins Studio's work was at Harrods.
  • Simon's work emphasizes David Collins over the years.
  • The cultural exchange that happens in every new project.
  • The amount of personality and style of Simon that is embedded in his work.
  • Simon's Dream!
  • David Collins Studio practices, community and youth involvement.
  • Where Simon gets his inspiration, his best ideas and his focus on the visual.
  • Simon's thoughts on Instagram and social media.
  • The focus that Simon places in submerged spaces above the photogenic design.
  • Some useful tips for planning and business by Simon, saying no.
  • Looking ahead to the future with Simon and David Collins.
  • A round of questions with Simon!
  • And many more!

Contact info:

"What I liked and what I really did was that concepts, it was design, were great ideas." – @srettiwtnomis [0:04:32.7]

"We are about 60 people, 60 designers, we have works around the world. 75% of our projects are outside the United Kingdom and this is something we are working on quite strategically. "- @srettiwtnomis [0:06:00.2]

"The original part of each project, for me is the most important." – @srettiwtnomis [0:15:18.4]

"I really work hard with graduates and the youngest designer in our studio to really help them understand this process of conceptual thinking." – @srettiwtnomis [0:23:41.9]

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