Anonymous hacked 70 sites of the Gabonese government to protest dictatorship

Earlier on October 29, 2018, it was also reported President Bongo was hospitalized due to exhaustion.

"# #Anonymous will always be in front of their dictators and their regimes. We fight for people, for the speechless, the "technological" ones! #LorianSynaro # #OpGabon # #Gabon "reads one of the tweets published by Anonymous.

Hacktivism as a form of protest

Regardless of the time around 2003, Anonymous is the leading group of a hacker group that uses hacking as a form of protest.

The name of the collective group, Anonymous, arose from the way the users would resume the message-based message forum, 4chan. They are responsible for many government site violations, DDoS attacks, and for interruption of accounts of Islamic-related social media among many others.

Attacking and attacking DDoS on government websites of Gabon is not the first activity of Anonymous in Africa. The team has taken responsibility for the DDoS attacks in South Africa and Zimbabwe, as well as the falsification of websites related to the Nigerian government in the past.

In a previous one interview with the African, Anonymous said their own is to make a statement and not necessarily to cause permanent damage.

"We are a group of protests, we know from other groups that have invited us to invade other networks, but we prefer to do simple flash mob demonstrations at the door of the property. We wish the other teams the best of luck, but our protests should not cause permanent damage. "

Current Gabonese government websites

At the time of publication, some of the Gabonese government websites, such as the central government website and of the Finance Ministry's website, was still under DDoS attacks and counterfeiting.

Anonymous also said that their attack affected "all sites ending in as well as their [e-]mail systems. "

The list of DDoS attacked or infringed websites includes:

What is also interesting to note is that the entire site was still running HTTP rather than the secure HTTPS, asking questions about what was secured. It is not yet clear whether Anonymous will continue with the attack.

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