Anshula pulled for non-assisting Janhvi Kapoor On KWK Brother Arjun Kapoor has an angry answer | Entertainment

This Sunday, the sixth season of Karan Johar's controversial controversial entertainment program, Coffee with Karan, had brothers Arjun Kapoor and Janhvi Kapoor in the hot seat. Very obvious, they both share a great arc and were hot and lively on the show – no storm tension, no frenzy a sleeve! They spoke of everything from their secret love (which is not so) to join and stand as one after Sridevi's dissolution. After the entertaining quick round fire, Janhvi was proclaimed winner and given the highly coveted Koffee hamper.


But it can be an episode KWK not to speculate, debate or conflict? Of course not. During the last part of the show, Karan played his new duo game, where both players have to call a famous person (family member in this case) and ask them to say "Hey Karan In the course of this task-based game, Janhvi conceived his sister Arjun, Anshula, who almost got in. When Janhvi shouted on the phone, asking her to say the words, Arjun cried behind Anshula's warning against her, Funny threatening that he would not come home if Janhvi had won. Through all the chaos, an intrusive Anshula remained silent, as Janhvi kept saying it to herself, until then Arjun completed his mission and won the round. Janhvi was visibly upset and questioned "Why would he not say it?" In which Argon replied playfully,Kunik michhar garnay hai… "(implying that Anshula succumbed to his threat that he would not go to his house)


While the subject laughed and ended there for the host and guests, the internet obviously has its own mind. The abusive trolls targeting Anshula began to flood the social media and although Janhvi, in her own way, tried to close them by posting a retrospective of her and Anshula, the fans could not stop with the midfield attacks of Anshula. with Janhvi.


As we know, Arjun greatly protects his sister and can not avoid going out anymore. The actor came to the social media, sharing an upset message – "Something I guessed was an absolute problem Coffee with Karan has escalated into @anshulakapoor being abused and can not be bothered by the protocol anymore. F ** k all those trolls wishing to hurt my sister. I hope that my mom or sister ur must never go through what they gave us until … "

While Anshula has not yet responded to any of these, when a fan turned Janhvi on why Anshula did not reach the game, she tried to clean the air again. He said: "He did not hear me and he asked me after the show that passed, what was the phone …"


Severe and severe shrinkage, enough to hurt one's feelings and annoy the other person involved in roar is definitely unacceptable. Initially, if Anshula decided not to help Janhvi on the show is her true privilege and while we, as friends of a particular celeb, are allowed to feel frustrated and express it, we can not take things in our hands and abuse it connection. Lack of respect for shrinkage affects the overall quality of an open debate, and is at least deceitful and unpleasant. Also, awareness of something as trivial shows only how insignificant we are as a nation. Tough but true.

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