Applying numbers to avoid sin

App The number is shunned by the enemy

Recently, Haoran has revealed the power of the numbers and the After the inductive force of life’s fate, it has aroused the interest of more and more readers. Today, at the request of the majority of readers, Haoran continues to share more knowledge about digital mystery.

Violence-induced events

We will first look at some examples of vicious events induced by the number of proven numbers.

On August 17 this year, an explosion occurred in a household in Jingshan Garden, Gaoxin District, Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. Eight people were killed and four people were injured. The explosion was caused by natural gas leakage from Room 202 of Jingshan Garden Community.

 Applying numbers to avoid guilty

View the number of the house number “202”, its digital energy It belongs to “the lower middle” and is the number of the most fierce. Its corresponding digital energy-inducing content is: “The fish has been hooked, and the sharp hook has been plunged into the fish’s lips. This is a serious warning. The crisis is coming, only So the fish jumped up and down, and kept jumping. There was only one thought in the heart: to avoid the disaster. At this time, the fisherman’s heart was very nervous. He was worried that the fishing line would be torn off, so he was constantly picking up the line. This situation is not a fish catch, it is a broken, this is a desperate fight, the situation is really difficult to deal with. It is difficult to clean up.”

On May 1, 2009, a license plate number in Lanzhou was The taxi of Gan A83541 collided with a bus with license plate number Gan A26929, causing 2 deaths and 2 serious injuries and several minor injuries. The number energy of the license plate number “6929” is the number of the “lower”.

On the evening of April 26, 2004, three players of Liaoning Football Team Zhang Yuning, Qu Leheng, Wang Gang, driving a car with license plate number Liao AZ5036, suffered a serious car accident, and the compensation case was sensational. . The number energy of the license plate number “5036” is the number of the “lower middle”.

On May 11, 2005, the original international car spring car driving license plate number Shanghai A3528 car, a serious car accident, resulting in 1 death and 1 injury. The number energy of the license plate number “3528” is the number of “lower”.

On July 23, 2009, the car with the license plate number 6928 crashed into a liberation truck and the driver died on the spot. The number energy of the license plate number “6928” is the number of the “lower”.


How to use the number to avoid the evil

The power contained in the number, whether it is from the Yijing, or a large number In the results of the practice, all have been verified undecidable. So, how should we use the number to avoid the evil and increase our luck?

First, choose the best auspicious number for yourself. There are many auspicious numbers. Not all auspicious numbers are beneficial to all people. Each number has different induction content. We should choose the best number according to our wishes and our own birthday.

Secondly, apply the number as much as possible to all aspects of life, such as license plates, deposit accounts, passwords, telephones, mobile phones, extensions, floors, house numbers, bed numbers, other codes, numbers, etc. . The longer the number is used, the stronger it will be.

Note: Because numbers only value the last four digits, for digital applications that require more than four digits, you can simply replace them with 0 or letters or other numbers.

 Applying numbers to avoid guilty

Again, in addition to the above wide applications, you should read it often, Diligently writing it, the most important thing is to like it from the heart, so that the number can reach spiritual sense with you;

Finally, the auspicious numbers can also be applied to the opening symbols. In the long-term practice, Hao Ran discovered that if a person is in bad luck, if he can wear a certain zodiac pendant made of mahogany (as for which zodiac to choose, he needs to make a special shake prediction), and engrave it on the pendant. The auspicious number he chose in particular – thus constitutes a “opening symbol”, after wearing a period of time, it will have a good effect on luck.

Protect the number to choose the JI

In addition to the above applications, the auspicious numbers can also be applied to the selection.

According to the principle of the Book of Changes, one thing has decided its results and the development track in the middle from the beginning. This is like a projectile being fired out. The angle and firepower of the exit can determine the flight path and landing point of the projectile.

 Applying numbers to avoid guilty

Therefore, there is a special application technology in Yi Xue, namely ” Choose the school.” Choosing a good choice is the best start or time to choose one thing. From ancient times to the present, when people are carrying out some important activities, such as marriage, opening, starting work, moving, building, building, etc., they will invite people to specifically predict a time, hope that this time can bring the future good luck.

There are many ways to choose Kyrgyzstan, such as the Five-Five Method, the Qimen Method, the Six-Five Method, the Plum Blossom Method, and so on. These methods have one thing in common, that is, they can only be accurate to the hour and cannot be accurate to the specific moment. There are 2 hours in an hour. What is the best minute in the 2 hours? The traditional choice method can’t give an answer, but if you use digital energetics, you can choose a Kyrgyz time that is accurate to the minute.

 Applying numbers to avoid guilty

For example, someone is scheduled to be on September 1st (ie From 13:00 to 15:00) Moving, in the two hours, what time should I choose? Through digital energetics, we can choose to move at 13:35, 14:48, because the digital energy of “1335” and “1448” is the “upper” number.

The external prediction of numbers

In the Yijing prediction method, there is a method called “external prediction method”. The so-called external prediction is in daily life. Impressed by a sudden, seen or heard phenomenon, thing, sound, number, etc., or with a different sense of psychology, or when the mind is moving, according to these external images, convert it into gossip, You can deduce what will happen in the future.

However, this external forecasting method requires everyone to be very skilled in the application of Yijing, which is difficult for ordinary people to master. However, if you use the digital energy method, you only need to know the numbers in the foreign language, you don’t need to master the knowledge of the Yijing, you can also make predictions, and it is especially convenient and fast.

As long as you pay attention to some of the figures that appear in your life and understand the corresponding content of the Yijing, you can predict your future luck.

For example: Faced with difficulties, starting with predictions, four figures appear in your heart, you can know where to go;

such as receiving a bill, or monthly credit card repayment Amount, from these amounts, you can also see how your recent fortune is;

Suddenly, if you have a particular impression on a number, check the number and the number of the situation, that is, what will happen;

For example, when you start something, or in the process of waiting for someone, or in the process of doing something, you accidentally look at the watch, and you can know the future by this time. For example, the time is 16:34, and the number is “1634”. This digital energy belongs to “upper middle” as the number of auspicious, and its corresponding digital energy-inducing content is: “There is an indeterminate image in the heart, and it will be very sad recently. There are ominous things happening. If you can look at the autumn and patience and carefully face things, when these difficult, obstructive, and ominous things pass, you will be blessed from heaven, that is, you will be blessed by misfortune. The so-called ' Dependent, only self-aware '.

Apply numbers to avoid evil

More When you decide to do something, you can write 2 words at will, and you can know how good or bad it is based on the strokes of these two words. For example, if you want to invest in a restaurant, but don’t know if you can make a profit, sincerely write the word “how” to predict. “For example, the strokes are 6 paintings, and the “He” strokes are 7 paintings. Therefore, the combination of two words is “67” and the digital energy is “lower middle”. The corresponding digital energy inducing power is: “There will be disputes, Internal and external discord, all kinds of things are not smooth, so it is not suitable for investment.

Original: Yin Haoran

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