Arizona GOP tries to persuade Democrats to vote green

The Republican Party of Arizona sends senders to the Democratic voters who bind the Green Party candidate to the state Senate critical rally to Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) In an effort to persuade the liberals to support it over the democratic Mr Kyrsten Sinema.

Green Party candidate Angela Green has approved Sinema earlier this week. Sinaema is in a close race with Martha Matsal to replace Retired Senator Jeff Flake and a Democratic victory in the closed competition is necessary for Democrats' hopes to win the US Senate's control.

The postal editors, which include an Arizona Republican party starting line, frame an attack on the green and portray it next to Sanders. "Angela Green and Bernie Sanders are too extreme for Arizona," writes Mailer, before highlighting Medicare's "Sanders" for all, legalizing marijuana, higher taxes on rich and 100% green energy.


"Every voter must note: the Arizona Republicans are trying to fool the voters to support a candidate who has already left the race," said Rodd McLeod, spokesman for Red and Gold, super PAC supporting Sinema. "Unfortunately, it's more dirty, dishonest than McSally and her friends."

In a statement, Arizona GOP did not consider why she is attacking a candidate who has left the race.

"Angela Green proudly sits on her highly progressive agenda, which is offline with Arizona," said spokesman Ayeshia Connors. "Kirsten Cinema supports an amnesty for lawmakers, and Sinaema is an outspoken liberal, the only difference between them is that Kyrsten Sinema is in the witness protection program for the liberals, trying to hide his extreme agenda from Arizona."

Sanders has not approved Green, but has also not officially supported Sinema. He did not attend two Sanders rallies held in Arizona last month. Sinema does not support Medicare for Everyone, one of Sanders signature issues.

Sinema is potentially vulnerable to efforts to encourage the candidate for the Green Party because of her record as moderate. Once on the left, Sinema moved to the center during her career politics and now votes with President Donald Trump for more than 50 percent of the time. Liberal activists in the state occasionally grumble for her support.

While Green left the fight earlier this week to support Sinema, the extensive early vote in Arizona means that votes on it have almost certainly already been tabled.

In an interview with a local TV station, Green said she struggled with her decision to quit, but eventually decided to support Sinema after attending her McSally talk. "Sinema's attitude in many things is very similar to mine," he said.

Priorities The US government and the Senate majority PAC, two super PAC Democrats, also pay for Facebook ads that encourage voters to support Sinema over Green.

"Arizona could be our key to getting the Senate back from a democratic majority," the ads read. "But Kyrsten Sinema needs every vote to get there." The votes for third-party candidates, such as Angela Green, only help the Republicans keep their positions and maintain the status quo, so vote for Sinema. country. "

Efforts to encourage liberals and conservatives to vote for third parties are not unusual in Senate competitions. In the close fight of the Senate between Democrat Senator Joe Donnelly and entrepreneur and former political lawmaker Mike Braun, the Democratic Party of Indiana pays for Facebook ads targeted at conservatives and encourages them to support Litchi Freedom's Liberty candidate .