Award-winning Iranian-American filmmaker Raka Zhehabci for Indirect Stigma in Rural India Receives Academy Award nomination 2019

Menstruation has always been a matter of sparse debate. Especially while we were passing through our awkward teen rebellion. But, it is really hard to understand the extent of our privilege in this matter. But when we say that, we hope that some things come to light: you have not been as hard and hard as you always thought, but there are women there in the same country we call home, you had to be struggling with the urge to even ask for products hygiene.


Period. End of the conviction"A short film by award-winning Iranian filmmaker Rayka Zehtabchi records the lack of awareness of menstrual hygiene in rural India. The movie does bharat proud, as he was selected in the "Documentary Short Subject" at the 91st Oscars.


The story is on the beaches of Hapur, about 120km away from Delhi, where generations of women have no access to pillows or any hygienic form of hygiene products. Fighting against the deep social taboos around menstruation by installing a vending machine for pillows in their village and as a natural byproduct strengthens the entire community. The documentary is as crude as it gets – and not, it's not even close Padman which was released earlier this year.


The Sikhya Entertainment of Guneet Mongia – which is behind some of the best-made films that this industry has recently produced, such as The gangs of Wasseypur, Masaan, and The Kitchenette– has produced the movie. The 26-minute short film is originally part of the The Pad Project, which was launched by students at Oakwood School in Los Angeles.


However, India's dream of reaching the Oscars did not take place this year as well Village Rockstars by Rima Das did not make the cut of Foreign Film. In the "Shorts" category, they include the other movies that made it Black sheep, Game over, life boat, Los Comandos, My dad's porn movies, One night in the garden, 63 Boycott, Women of Goulasg, and Zion. We can not wait to watch them honestly, because it is not everyday to get a movie about the Academy Awards.