Basic knowledge of e-commerce: What are the implications of e-commerce?

The impact of e-commerce

E-commerce has had a tremendous impact on society, businesses and individuals. In the era of rapid development of the information industry represented by computers, communications and networks, E-commerce is the only way for companies and individuals to survive and develop in the increasingly competitive global market. E-commerce has had a lot of impact on society, businesses and individuals.

1. The impact of e-commerce on society

E-commerce promotes social and economic development

The famous economist Jiang Qiping: “Agricultural economy It is a direct economy, the industrial economy is the opposite of the roundabout economy, and the information economy is the opposite of a higher direct economy.”

E-Commerce Basics: What are the implications of e-commerce?

E-commerce increases effective output and The cost reduction has also taken the allocation of social resources and promoted social and economic growth. At the same time, it has also moved to the development of all walks of life in society.

E-Commerce Basics: Talking about What are the impacts of e-commerce?

2, the impact of e-commerce on businesses

The impact of e-commerce on corporate procurement

Most domestic enterprises still use the order meeting, and the supply and demand meeting will be the main method for purchasing raw materials. Therefore, it will cost a lot of people, money and material resources, and e-commerce can make up for this deficiency. An effective way to reduce the cost of enterprise procurement. This is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First, shorten the procurement time and reduce the purchase price

E-commerce mode can quickly find suitable among many suppliers through the Internet. Partners, keep abreast of the supplier’s product information, such as price, delivery date, inventory, etc., and get a lower price. At the same time, through the internal network of the company, we can keep abreast of the dynamic information of the company’s inventory and make timely purchases.

Second, enhancing the collaborative relationship between the two parties

With e-commerce, companies can strengthen their writing relationships with major suppliers and form integrated information delivery and information processing. The system, which reduces procurement costs, allows procurement staff to focus more on price negotiations and improve relationships with suppliers.

E-Commerce Basics: Talking about E-Commerce What are the impacts?

Effects of e-commerce on the production and processing of enterprises

In traditional production management, there are many problems. Due to the wide variety of products produced by a company, the batch changes greatly. In order to produce qualified products in time, various methods must be used to solve the problems in production. E-commerce will have a huge impact on the company’s production operations, production cycle, inventory and so on. Specifically, it is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

First: Changed the production method. The production mode under the traditional business mode is the production of large-volume, standardized, and fixed-process lines. It is the whole process of production, and there are fewer external processing steps. E-commerce-based production methods are production-driven production.

Second: shortened the cycle of production and R&D. First of all, the realization of e-commerce can greatly improve the transfer speed of information and capital, improve work efficiency, shorten production cycle, and thus reduce the production cost per unit of product. Secondly, in the e-commerce environment, manufacturers always win the market with their own new technologies and products to win in the competition.

Third, reduce corporate inventory and improve inventory management.