Basic reasons that change the way you travel to your 20 against your 20s at 30

The journey is desirable, pleasant and different. Whether you are a teenager at school, a 20-year-old practitioner working or approaching your 30s or decades – wanderlust dictates most of us. Hell, you and I would travel all the time if we could without permissions and limitations. But the journey to your 20s is different from traveling to your 30s. Why do you ask? Well, here is a short, though important list to answer your question.



By making college, you and your friends decide to pack your bags and leave the same night for Dharamkot. Nothing needs to be done – buy bus tickets from the warehouse, remove the cheapest dormitory when you're there, and you're almost finished.

Now imagine sitting in your office living for Friday's life, always waiting for the weekend. Your partner beats you with "Want to go to that concert in Mumbai you've been waiting for a year?" The answer is a big NO. You have exhausted most of your sheets, work is already accumulated, your boss is in any case to reject your application for permission, why why get the headache still ask?

The early 20s are marked by great steps such as taking the holidays that your parents promised to give you leave when you are in college, or you'll fly a week of practice for a sea sport trip in Rishikesh. However, since you are 30, other things are overriding and travel is not one of them.



This is a difficult one for both parties. The 20-something you have time, but not money, and the 30-something you have money, but not the time. Staying in cheap dormitories (ranging from 200 to 400 R per night) that offer you a bed and a shared bathroom that you have to share with 10 other backpackers sounds fun when you are a college or a college.

When you are older, traveling with bae or simple family, you need your own space to relax. You can not find yourself and your boyfriend in a dormitory full of strangers. Make your fortune and work hard for it, and you can have your own room and rent a car so that trips within the city are not turbulent.

The stall is also stressful – something you want to avoid on vacation. The 30 year old man does not mind spending this nice meal with a view, because it is the only holiday you can see in a very long time characterized by working days.



When you are new, continue to explore, you are still hungry to spend this extra mile for a better view of the rock, the beach, the forest or simply the city. But at your age of 30, you have seen most of what you want in your 20s. So now you want to sit and relax and drink a frozen tea.

The 20-something that is fast on her feet, not because of the excessive energy, but the curiosity. You have to finish your route. A break in your 30s is for a break with your family, with yourself or your AM. You will find it simple by looking at the ocean from your beach chair and drinking in the coconut water, because daytime consumption (or just alcohol) does not excite you anymore.