BCCI wants the World Cup to be the terrorist financing

From the note to be sent to the International Council of Cricket (ICC) by the Committee of Governors (COA) to what was sent on Friday, the only change was the deletion of Pakistan's name. And with this correspondence, the sports club called on the cricket brotherhood to interrupt relations with the countries from which terrorism originated.

The RCI Board, Rahul Johri, with a mandate from the COA, shot a message to ICC President Shashank Manohar, Chief Executive Officer David Richardson and Colin Graves of England and Wales. participating in the 2019 World Cup to be held in England between 30 May and 14 July.

It is understandable that COA chief Vinod Rai was of the opinion that Pakistan should refer to the letter. But his colleague and former Indian woman champion Diana Edulji prevented him from sending a letter to the world body without a formal debate.

And with the consent of the third COA member of the newly formed Lt Gen Ravi Thodge (PVSM), who also joined the debate on Friday that "Pakistan" was deleted before sending it to the ICC.

"The BCCI legal team also informed the COA about the consequences of writing such a note and also how it can only return to bite India," a source told the DNA.

Do not forget that Pakistan's constitutional right to PCC is a member of the ICC and no member can stop them.

With the weighting of other ballot options, where BCCI stayed reddish in 2017, having been totally defeated (1-13) in the issue of revenue sharing and ICC constitution revision, it was also considered that no such pressure would be appropriate without the gathering the support of other member councils.

There was another reason not to take a definitive harsh stance against Pakistan as the BCCI has not received instructions from the Union Government about the World Cup against Pakistan on June 16 in Manchester. It was noticed that without a government directive, t were able to present a strong case to the ICC.

In the past, the ICC has never intervened in geopolitical matters between its Member States. "June 16th is a long way off and we will take it too late and in consultation with the government," Raj said after the meeting on Friday.

Meanwhile, Rai reported that the IPL 2019 will not have an opening ceremony and will contribute money to the jawans' families witnessing the Pulwama terrorist attack.

Sahin comes in

The legend of boxer Sachin Tendulkar said that if India boycot Pakistan into the World Cup, it would "hurt" to give two degrees to architects.