Become a six-digit wage technology manager with this integrated management package

When you think of a project manager, you might think of the man or woman in your business who has the mandate to "the big things." You know the company's initiatives that change culture and change the landscape.

In fact, the most acclaimed entrepreneurs will tell you that every project, regardless of size or scope, needs a proficient leader. Think about it … why do you start a project if you are not dedicated to helping you achieve the best chance of success?

Of the big players in everyday small wins, knowing the steps of evaluating, managing and projecting a project to a positive end, it's virtually universal – and the full project management package ($ 29, over 90% off, from TNW Deals) loads you with all the information you need.

This 11-course package describes how top project managers evaluate risk, set up groups, set timetables, allocate resources, and monitor progress, regardless of the size (or small) of the project.

After acquiring the basic principles of PMP, Agile Lean and Agile Scrum, this training also includes four lessons on how to use JIRA, a project tracking application that smoothes out every aspect of a project's lifetime from start to finish. After learning the JIRA environment, you will be able to easily track how people make you hit the milestones of your project in a timely and budget manner.

This bundle even gives you Scrum certification tests to prepare you to pass and pass the formal certification test.

With nearly 30 hours of material, this lesson usually costs the students concerned nearly $ 2,200. But if you enter now before this offer ends, the whole package is available for the pennies for the dollar – just $ 29.