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The best destinations to see flowers

Who doesn't love having fresh flowers around them? They illuminate a space, they smell fantastic, and in my experience – they lift my mood! And you? So why not take it to the next level? Imagine being in a field surrounded by millions of them …

Whether you want to travel the States and visit California or Texas or if you are looking to head overseas to Japan or the United Kingdom, these amazing flower fields are the next level.

One thing to note: when visiting, it is always important to be careful in the environment.

Although it is really fun to take photos of beautiful flowers, be careful not to walk around and respect both the space and the work of the growers! We want to preserve these fields for generations to come so that everyone can enjoy beauty.

No mistake, here are some amazing flowers to visit around the world!

Carlsbad, CA.

The flower fields in Carlsbad, California

For over sixty years, the flower fields in Carlsbad, California have attracted thousands of visitors a year, making it one of the most popular fields in the world.

Giant Tecolote Ranunculus flowers bloom every year from March to early May and cover over 55 acres! With just $ 18 a person, it's one of the best places to sit and enjoy a picnic in the afternoon.

Cactus blooms in Arizona

Have you ever seen a flowering cactus? What about an entire field? It's definitely a sight to see and Arizona is the prime place to take a look!

You should explore which places would be best for you as it changes every year and some areas will be in full bloom before others.

Bluebonnets in Texas

When most people think of Texas, they think of the wavy hills and the rustic charm tones … but maybe not flowers!

But central Texas is home to large fields of bluebonnets, ground painting in color. From mid-March to mid-April, places like Georgetown, Fredericksburg, Austin and Washington County are completely covered and impressive!

Going on a road trip? The The Ennis Bluebonnet Trail is 40 miles from shiny florals.

From early April until the end of April, Ennis views miles and miles of mapped Bluebonnet Trails drivers. Tens of thousands of visitors visit the wild flower show and for good reason!

If you have a large group or just want to see the paths with an expert in the garden, you can sign up for a 2 hour tour where you will learn all you know about flowers!

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival in Washington

Winning from April 1st to April 30th, the Valley Tulip Festival celebrates millions of blooming tulips!

Located 60 miles north of Seattle, the festival is open from 9am. until 5 pm and costs $ 10 on weekends and $ 7 on weekdays. It's no wonder that agriculture is the number one industry in Skagit County.

lavender field in england

Yorkshire Lavender in Terrington, England

It's not just the beautiful lavender fields in amethyst, indigo and white that make the Yorkshire Lavender a huge draw. it's also the incredible, soothing scent! Plan a trip to Terrington, England in July or August to see and smell hundreds of varieties.

And make sure you hit some of their lavender oil, perfect for relaxing on busy days. 🙂

Castelluccio Di Norcia

Castelluccio Di Norcia, Italy

Castelluccio Di Norcia is located in the heart of Valnerina in Mount Sibillini National Park. From May to July, the grounds are filled with colorful flowers, with shades ranging from yellow to red to white to violet. time is love known as "Fiorita".

Flowers include lentils, gentianella, poppies, violets and more.

Keukenhof Gardens, The Netherlands

The Netherlands is known internationally for its tulips that call it home to Keukenhof Gardens.

Located in Lisse, the garden is the largest flower park in the world, with over 7 million flower bulbs during the season. From March to May, visit between 8am. to 7:30 pm to see exactly what makes the Netherlands so famous.

West Coast National Park, South Africa

West Coast National Park, South Africa

The wildflower season begins in South Africa around mid-July and the west coast becomes a wonderful field of florals. Just over an hour outside Cape Town, the mountains and fields are decorated with rainbow shades … and let me tell you, it's a sight to behold!

Oh, and flowering flowers are a must in August!

Luoping, China

Canopa flower fields in Luoping, China

The fields of canola flowers – also known as rapeseed – are used in the production of cooking oil and take over the quiet area of ​​Louping County come spring!

Yellow waves are not only popular with tourists and photographers, but bees love them too! Beekeepers created during flowering from February to March and fully benefit from blooming florals. Better way to get there? Take a 4 hour train from Kunming!

Japanese sakura cherry blossoms

Sakura in Japan

Otherwise known as cherry blossom season, sakura is definitely a bucket list thing to see! All the pink and white flowers that cover the trees … and when they start to fall – that's magic!

Sakura season is usually only for a week or two from late March to early April. You can find the cherry blossom forecast here.

pink mt fuji japan flowers

Fuji Shibazakura Flower Festival in Japan

Japan is usually known for its cherry blossoms, but it has much more!

The Fuji Shibazakura Festival is one of the most popular festivals in the country and lets you see it shibazakura– Like pink or moss flox. The festival usually takes place from mid April to early June, with the best showing being the first two weeks of May.

What makes it so mesmerizing is the setting of Mount Fuji as you walk through the fields of bright pink flowers.

Hitachi Seaside Park

Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan

The minute you walk into Hitachi Seaside Park, you feel like you are surrounded by tons of glowing blue waves … but no! They are thousands of blue nemofila flowers, which cover the Mimharasi hill and mimic the color of the sky! In total, the flowers spread over 350 hectares of land, next to an amusement park and on many walking trails.

Talk about magic!

Japan fuan flowers fields

Furano Flower Fields in Hokkaido, Japan

Japan is spreading now … but I'm not crazy about it!

Hokkaido has been developing lavender for over half a century and has become quite a tourist attraction. The majority of lavender starts blooming in late June and reaches its peak from mid-July to early August.

There are two places where you can see Lavender-Farm Tomita and Lavender East. Both include cafes and shops where you can buy lavender products!

Bridestowe, Tasmania

Lavender field in Bridestowe, Tasmania

The lavender field at Bridestowe Estate dates back to 1921, when a man named CK Denny arrived in Tasmania with his family and a pack of lavender seeds from the French Alps. From there it has become a popular destination with travelers from all over the world, with over 50,000 visitors every year!

You can wander the purple fields before enjoying local delicacies and get some of the best lavender oil in the world.

In total

There are so many beautiful places to visit and I could go on for days. These fields will let your camera fill up and fill you with unforgettable memories as well. Just don't forget the sunscreen and rubbish spray!

Again, make sure that you respect the environment wherever you are – don't walk the flowers, remove them, and watch out for the farmers and growers who put in hours and hours to grow such beautiful blossoms.

I would love to know what beautiful flower fields you already have! Let us know in the comments below!