Bigg Boss 12 Literally every aggressive thing Sreesanth has said in appearance so far

They say that if there is good, there is also bad. This is true for big boss very. The high-voltage television show, hosted by Salman Khan for nine years, enjoys a huge audience year. It will not be wrong to say this big boss is the mother of all reality television shows on Indian television. During these years, we have seen many personalities and a few common (a practice that began with the tenth season) within big boss home. Some as singer Raageshwari (season five) and Sushant Divgikar performer (season eight) were very good on the show; but then there were few contestants like Swami Om and Priyanka Jagga (season 10), who landed in the bad books of the fans of the show with their terrible behavior.

A reminder, Swami Om poured his urine on some of his agonists, after which he was unconsciously removed from the house. As for Priyanka, Salman himself was the one who threw it out for the unnecessary dirty drama big boss mansion.

Its current twelfth version big boss he also has some seemingly genuine people. But there are two contestants who are very much worth the title of "most hateful people" RN. It is painful to admit that the former Srideanth Indian hedgehog is one of them. He may not be as bad as Jagga and Swami, but the many aggressive things he has said on the show have made him a villain in the eyes of the audience.

Originally, Sreesanth greeted his fans because he was an honest, soft and extremely emotional contestant. However, in the last few weeks, the people who supported him realized that he was frail, incompetent and gay.

As we are in the middle Bigg Boss 12, let's take a look at some of the most aggressive things Sreesanth has said in the show so far and we hope we will not need to update this list every day.

1. Small comments on Nehha Pendse

During the first few weeks of the show, television actor Karan Patel entered the house with a task that required the co-residents to give one of their properties to another cohort. Nehha Pendse suggested that Sreesanth take her mental power but refused to get the "quality" by saying: "I do not accept it." Karan asked him to be cute and accept it, and he replied sarcastically that there was no acceptance of it. The worst part was that after going out in the middle of the mission, he told Karanvir Bohra that he could make Neda cry to everyone as he "knows something about the outside of the house." This was nothing less than a murder in the character of Neda.

2. Homosexual annotations about Rohit Suchanti

When television actor Rohit Suchanti entered home last week as a wildcard entry, Shivashish Mishra proclaimed that he was "swinging both ways" simply by looking at him. But Sreesanth did the worst when he sang Rohit's "purple shorts" and suggested that the actress is gay who invokes his ways. Luckily, there was a sense of feeling because after a few days he apologized to Rohit for his behavior.

3. "I'm not talking with beggars," said Sreesanth to another contestant

You know the thing with Sreesanth is that he gets angry with the fall of a hat and ends up saying things that later he realizes he's very aggressive. A few weeks back when he was locked in BB12 jail (each week the three contestants give a "prison sentence" – a decision that comes to each other), entered a mass word war with Deepak. He emphasized Deepak a beggar, "who collects coins thrown into the streets by the rich." His anger reached its climax as he later turned off his microphone and refused to talk to anyone. Had he been out of jail, he might have hit the main door of the house, asking the producers to let him go – as he did from the first day at home. Even Salman was disgusted by these comments and did not disappoint, and gave Sreesanth a piece of his mind.

4. When he heard Dipika Kakar

When everyone was against Sreesanth, he was the television actor Dipika Kakar who was next to him. Indeed, he calls him "bhai"- not that it stopped Sreesanth from her bad slum in the secret room." Sure, he was upset because Dipika suggested he eliminate him, but what did he really expect when he threatened to leave the house constantly? they think this would be the end of this episode, but a few days ago during a project where Dipika was trying to stop Sreesanth from attacking Karanvir, she said:Mr dena nahi, sirf lena jaanta hoon"Although she did not say this directly to Dipika, she was still so disgusted with the process of her thought that she decided to keep a safe distance from him.

5. Aggressive comments on the sexuality of Vikas Gupta and Karanvir Bohra

A few days ago, Bigg Boss 11 contestant Vikas Gupta along with last year's winner Shilpa Shinde entered the house as special guest. They stayed with the current lot for a few days, and they also participated in a work that makes Rangoli. During this event he made comments about the masculinity of Vika and told him:tera khada nahi hota, "and to Caranir said,"you beech ka hai".

As we said, it is painful to hear such words from someone who has played for the Indian cricket team and was our favorite player for a while there. There are seven more weeks to go up Bigg Boss 12 we hope we do not have to add more points to this list. But after how Sreesanth behaves so far, we are not sure if this is possible.