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It's been seven weeks since then Bigg Boss 12 went in the air and the last five days were the most interesting so far. He took the showrunners more than a month to get the attention of the spectators – who lost immediately after the first week. The seventh week BB12, which was celebrated as Diwali week on the show was obviously full of surprises. The disappointment from manufacturers to the top TRP charts was clearly visible as two very popular former contestants took over to stay home – and there were other former contestants who just returned home for a few hours. But then this week was his charismatic grace Bigg Boss 12, as former contestants managed to do in two days what the current batch could not do within six weeks.

Here's what happened in the last five days Bigg Boss 12, ICYMI:

Deepak Thakur falls for Somi Khan

Singer Deepak Thakur, who entered the house as usual, saw it fall for coach Somi Khan. She let her know about his feelings, but his girlfriend fixed him. But we know that men do not understand the consensus in India. Deepak continued to flirt with Somi, who made us proud when he said he did not want to go on as a girlfriend but on her own.

Vikas Goupta and Silpa Sid enter the house

As Diwali is located very close, big boss designed a fun week for contestants with "Diwali dhamaka". Bigg Boss 11 the winner, Shilpa Shinde, and last year's brain, Vikas Gupta returned home to stay with the contestants for a few days and show them how they are doing, considering it was quite thanda all this while.

Vikas and Sreesanth had a big showdown

Former Indian thief Sreesanth was in his worst behavior this week, as he does not even care that Vikas is a guest on the show and fell into a nasty word war. They were in the same team that competed against the Shilpa team in one rangoli duties. Like any other work, Sreesanth has just been involved. This did not go down with Vikas, who challenged him and that's when all hell broke loose as what followed was a bad exchange between the two.

Dipika Kakar regrets the support of Sreesanth

Sreesanth was crouching at the lowest of the low when he said something unpleasant to Dipika Kakar, who was right next to him. This happened during the mission when Karanvir Bohra accidentally hit Sreesanth. He could not get it and he was very aggressive (nothing new, of course) and was ready to attack him when Dipika stopped him. But we see Sreesanth needs bad anger management, right? Dipika was so bad with his behavior that he began to question himself that he was supporting him all while he was. Finally, he dominated the lady, and now he decided to keep a safe distance from Sreesanth.

Sana Khan and Sapna Choudhary enter the house

As part of the mission between Sreesanth and Jasleen Matharu, former contestants Sana Khan and Sapna Choudhary entered the house. The latter directed in some of her songs.