#Bizarre: How a woman talked about her son's friends stumbling upon her image at a party

As he told Yashi Marwaha

My ex-boyfriend and I had talked The New York Times columnist and writer Thomas Friedman a few years ago. We accompanied my friend's father, who is a proponent of sustainable development and a fan of Friedman's book The world is warm, flat and full.

So my boyfriend and I used to get late for social reasons, like all people living in Delhi. My bf's father, however, is strict on accuracy and has come a long way. We did it and the first realization I had was that we were probably the youngest there. We saw bf's dad with a group of older gentlemen and we were with him.

As they introduced everyone, my bf father reported that one of the gentlemen – whom my family knew as "uncle" – had attended the same college as me. So my boss asked some gentle questions about college and we continued to kindly chat about it.

Suddenly, a strikingly attractive lady joins our small group. He had been looking at me and the master for a few minutes before that. Everyone seemed to know who they were. Then I was told (when it was too late) that this lady was the new husband of the gentleman.

He came and addressed me directly saying hello. I was confused by the way my bf came in and greeted her with a, "Hello aunty". She was so hard on it, you could almost see the waves of indignation falling from her. "The aunts are old and fat," he broke. "Am I old and fat?"

To be fair to her, it wasn't either. So I told her so much, saying to her, "You're on the opposite end of the fat and old stuff." It seemed a bit soft from what I said and very warm to me a little. "You know, my son is home for the summer. He's in college in the US," he told me, with everyone else listening.

I had no idea she was still hell to prove she was neither fat nor ugly. Then he went on: "My son came home and said to me days," Mom, you don't know what my friends are doing with your picture at night. "

Astonishing silence. My bf father is turning away. Her husband seemed impatient, as was his course. I had a designated poker face. Only my bf managed to respond to a weak, embarrassing laugh.

Honestly, for the life of me, I don't remember something that Thomas Friedman said that night.