Bringing Together Passion, Art and Community to Growth with Robert Soning and Trilbey Gordon of Londonewcastle.

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Welcome back to the Hunter Podcast style and today we are holding a conversation with Robert Soning and Trilbey Gordon from Londonewcastle design design company.

We also cover the principles of the company and how these two have come to work with the way they do today. Robert tells us about art-focused initiatives that Londonewcastle spears, which provide venues and platforms for local artists, and Trilbey gives us some of the scenes access to what keeps him creatively inspired. For all this and more, be sure to tune in!

They are here to tell us everything about the exciting and inspiring work the company does! Both our guests emphasize the importance of creative and artistic sense and freedom in the work they do when discussing the stuff and songs of Londonewcastle.

Key points of this episode:

  • The placement of London's own design development company.
  • The foundation of the company in the late 90's and the time that led to it.
  • The background of Trilbey's fashion and the influence and care of Londonewcastle.
  • The development of Tribley's work by its smaller authorities.
  • How Trilbey and Robert started working together.
  • What sets developments on Londonewcastle apart from the rest of the market.
  • Some of our favorite works have been working.
  • Londonewcastle's speech about the unusual.
  • Collaboration and search for beauty and meaning in development.
  • The personal values ​​that inform the work and the ethics of the company.
  • Sources of inspiration and ideas for Robert and Trilbey.
  • The biggest challenge faced by Londonewcastle since it started.
  • The self-confidence that serves the work done by Londonewcastle.
  • We look forward to an exciting future and work on the horizon.
  • A round of quick fire quizzes with our guests!
  • And many more!

Contact info:

"I would normally never want to work with a real estate company" – @ londonewcastle [0:06:28.8]

"It's all about being a visionary." – @ londonewcastle [0:08:46.2]

"This important has the ability to understand that in every development, you have to draw around the location and character of the area and the people who live there" – @ londonewcastle [0:10:55.7]

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