Building a strong interior design community with Pierr Grant

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Welcome to this weekly Episode 1 of Interior Style Hunter Podcast, where you will have an interior view of the world of design from a business perspective.

The current episode is a unique interview hosting your host Grant Pierrus. Sponsorship is the owner of the London-based interior design blog, Interior Style Hunter!

In this episode, Grant shares his story about how he started in the interior space, the most important aspects of his career, and why Grant's values ​​create above all a powerful planning community.

Stay tuned in today's special episode to learn more! And a very special mention to Ren Ravalia, who interviewed Grant.

Key points of this episode:

  • The story of Grant and how he started in the interior of style.
  • Why Grant did not initially tell anyone his blog.
  • The tipping point that leads Grant to "escape" to his blog.
  • Goal 1 Grant: Create a strong profile.
  • What makes the indoor hunter style unique in the field of design.
  • The point that Grant realized he needed to change his career.
  • Collaborations and projects Grant has enjoyed most.
  • How has the design world changed in recent years.
  • Grant's focus on building a strong planning community.
  • How Social Media helped Grant grow his business.
  • Interior designers who are worth watching, according to Grant.
  • The challenge of striking a balance between work and life.
  • Why Grant has decided to move his team to the virtual office idea.
  • Critical lessons that Grant has learned in his business over the years.
  • The importance of creating an incredible team for your business.
  • Grant's greatest achievement in the field of interior.
  • Future goals for indoor hunter style: Building a strong community.
  • Grant's personal goals for himself and his business.
  • How does Grant plan his work plan to set limits.

Contact info:

"You need a network around you and are those opportunities within this network that are going to build your business." – @interiorshunter [0:06:13.1]

"The world of design is currently very stressful." – @interiorshunter [0:12:35.1]

"The interior design sector is not very well supported by the institutes." – @interiorshunter [0:13:29.1]

"It's not about big numbers, it's about the real relationships you create with people." – @interiorshunter [0:19:43.1]

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