Building an Inside Online Retail Giant and Amara Blog Awards with Karen Waddiliove

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Welcome back to another episode of the Hunter Podcast!

Today in the show we have the wonderful Karen Waddilove. Karen is the Head of Events and Corporate Partnerships at Amara, the online destination for luxury home brands such as Missoni Home, Mulberry Home, Ralph Lauren Home and Versace Home.

She has been with Amara for almost a decade, and during her time she has had many exciting experiences getting new brands like Ralph Lauren. Amara has also been involved in online blogging for a while with the Amara Interior Blog Awards.

In today's show we are talking about Amara, what they are doing, how they were founded, and when it was decided to capture the blogging industry in its own way. Continue listening to learn more!

Key points of this episode:

  • Amara's journey is from an idea of ​​where it is today.
  • The development of the company in 14 years.
  • What makes the Amara Interior Blog Awards different.
  • Divide blogs into different categories and niche positions.
  • How the blog awards have had a positive impact on Amara as a company.
  • Bringing together small communities and building relationships.
  • Linking Amara to different bloggers and the importance of networking.
  • Integrity: Stay original, true to your brand and true to yourself.
  • Where Karen draws her ideas and inspirations.
  • Challenges faced by company development.
  • Reversing the opportunity, from brand approach to brand approach.
  • Ensuring that the customer has the best and most effective online experience.
  • The hard work of chip processing, what we have to do and what not to do.
  • What to expect from Amara in the near future – Christmas season.
  • And many more!

Contact info:

"We are a really strong, creative, caring company." – @ kjwaddilove [0:10:13.1]

"As a PR group we are building relationships, we do not spend a lot of money as a company for advertising." – @ kjwaddilove [0:11:10.1]

"Do not try to dilute your brand and be everything to everyone, you just can not." – @ kjwaddilove [0:14:57.1]

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