Coy Dulhans is Cliche Deepika & Priyanka prove that brides who LOL is the best | Entertainment

If I have learned a thing at this time shaadi, it is that although Indian women have evolved beyond purdah and patriarchy, the Indian bride is still stuck in time. The scenario for though the bride has remained unchanged for centuries – it is full of terror and tears. And to this day, the wealthiest and most independent of women are pressed into this mold on their wedding day.

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You will always have some relatives who will tell the bride to "sharmao"A little, every time he listened to laughing loudly. Most Indian women do not enjoy their own saunas because, in addition to heavy lehenga, there is the extra burden of performing a cloudy act in front of the extended family.

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But Anushka Sharma, Sonam Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra prove that smiling happy brides are the most beautiful.

And this is a new development. Take a look at Aishwarya Rai Bachchan's marriage photos or a Kareena Kapoor Khan and you'll know what we mean. Blue, soft expressions – look like they're playing – act as a cliché dulhans of the Bollywood films. The kind that does not even look at her upper husband and shouts abundant tears when it's time for bidaai arrives.

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Depeika smiled all the marriages of Lake Como and her energy was infectious. He smiled through the ceremonies and was not afraid to look dearly at the man he married. Love was in the air and not a breath of outdated social tendencies forcing women to suppress their joy.

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Other recent Bollywood brides, such as Anushka, Sonam and Priyanka, refuse to play as well. Anushka laughed her way through it asshole, Sonsam sweet talked with Andad Ahounda during his time shaadi (and a relative immediately reprimand for it, and Priyanka draws the city red with his-to-his wife Nick Jonas.

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This expectation that dulhans should be shy and sanskaari it is just part of the patriarchal daydream that expects women to be submissive virgins sacrificed on the altar of marriage. And believe me, we have enough of that!

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So at the next wedding, take a shot with the bride and pull it on the floor. It's time the weather dulhans had some fun too!