data protection bill: Data Bill panel seeks expansion until Monsoon meeting

NEEW DELHI: The Joint Parliamentary Committee studying the 2019 Bill on Personal Data Protection has requested an extension until the second week of the Monsoon Parliament session to submit its report on landmark legislation. The committee led by Bhartiya Janata Party MP Meenakshi Lekhi had to submit the report by the end of the budget meeting that ended on Monday.

Following the submission of the PDP bill to Parliament in December last year, it was referred to the Joint Parliamentary Committee, which asked interested parties to submit feedback by 25 February. The Committee also expressed its willingness to present interested parties to the Committee in person to address their concerns. But the process has not yet begun.

Significant legislation requiring Indian and global companies operating in India to fully review their data practices is highly anticipated. The ET had earlier this month reported that more than a dozen technology and trade groups from the US, Europe and Japan are joining the parliamentary group that is considering the bill to reconsider some of the bill's clauses protecting the privacy of Citizens of India »" Lifting Barriers "to the Development of the Country's Economy.

The groups include the United States International Business Council (USCIB), the IT Industry Council, the Business Software Alliance (BSA), CompTIA, DIGITALEUROPE, and the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Association (JEITA).

Some of the worrying issues include the inclusion of non-personal data in the bill, government-issued exemptions for itself, voluntary user verification by social media companies and weakening of the Data Protection Authority. Lack of clarity in data locating is another area of ​​concern for the industry.