Democrats who could challenge Donald Trump


Democrats entered the high-level Tuesday elections with optimism, felt intense about the chances of resuming the House of Representatives. Congressional control is on the line, just like the fate of Donald Trump's presidency. (November 1st)

WASHINGTON – If the Democrats have a thorn on the side of President Donald Trabij while in the minority, just wait.

Some of his most prominent critics are among those aligned with the presidential commissions if Democrats gain control of the majority. They would have the power to issue calls, hear hearings and generally make Trump's life miserable.

Imagine 3 pm tweets from Trump if Democrats use this power to investigate whether he has economic ties with Russia and economic conflicts of interest or to give up the tax statements he threatened to disclose. All of this will come to the forefront of Robert Mueller's special advisory research on whether the Trump campaign has co-negotiated with Russia to influence the 2016 election campaign.

Democrats have sought to reduce the cost of medicines for medical care and prescription drugs, improve infrastructure and clean up corruption in Washington. Their agenda is not defined, but these promises of the campaign are likely to inform it.

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"Our challenge will be to overcome the trump of the Trump administration and focus on the answers the Americans owe to their government," said Ashley Etienne, spokesman for the minority leadership Nancy Pelosi.

Republicans are worried. The political function of House Paul Ryan's speaker sent a pamphlet, which was obtained by USA Today, to sponsors and industry leaders who listed Democrats who believed they would be in leadership and top committee slots.

"Do not let this happen, support the Ryan team today!" the brochure was read.

However, Democrats should not begin an oversight effort, saying: "We are now following President Trump," said former President Henry Waxman, the Republican of California, who chaired the SCC from 2007 to 2009 This will be "politicized" and "not trustworthy".

But they could consider, for example, whether the Trump administration has turned its back on protecting human health or the environment or is trying to make the tax code fair, he said.

"I think there are many legitimate supervisory issues and I think that if these issues are treated honestly and fairly, this administration will be saddened because they have not done the job they have to do," he said.

Here are some members of the House who will be ready to lead the surveillance efforts.

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Nancy Pelosi of California

If Pelosi regains the former house speaker title, it will play a leading role in shaping narrative and scope of surveillance efforts.

Centralized Democrats will most likely want to take a cautious approach, while some progressors will seek the aggressive oversight of the administration.

"Do not make a mistake – anyone who is then a speaker, whether a Democrat or a Republican – must provide full supervision of this reckless, criminal administration that begins on the first day," said Tom Steyer, the billionaire activist who called for his expulsion Trump in US Statement TODAY.

During a recent forum at the Harvard Kennedy School Institute Policy Institute, Pelosi said the calls to challenge Trump were "very divisive." However, he said the Democrats would ensure that Mueller's research papers would be retained for further consideration of Russian intervention in the 2016 elections.

Pelosi has kidnapped Republicans during the forum for providing "absolutely unattended" government services. He has already convened meetings with members according to the presidential committees to talk with them about their approach and coordination.

"This should not be scattered," he said. "This should be accountable, respecting our Constitution and our responsibilities, seeking the truth and, with regard to government agencies, having proper oversight to make sure we exercise our balance of power."

Elias Kumins of Maryland

While Cummings was often critical of Trump during the 2016 elections – the adviser at a point named Trump "dangerous" – the two others met for one hour at the Oval Office in March 2017 to discuss a proposal to lower prices of prescription medicines.

"Great discussion" Trump tweeted after the meeting. (Later he said that Cummings declared that he would be one of the country's "big presidents", which was rejected by Cummings.)

Cummings said he had received "trumpet silence" from Trump after this meeting, ending up with this short brush with bilateral relations.

If Cummings presides over the Supervisory Committee and the Government Reform, he will have jurisdiction over a wide range of issues. The rising cost of drug prices, along with other daily problems faced by Americans, will be part of his mission. Another will focus on rejection, fraud and abuse in the Trump administration, according to a democratic assistant.

This could include the oversight of issues such as Trump's potential financial conflicts and protection from violations of the constitutional wage clause, which prohibits office owners from accepting payments from foreign governments without the consent of Congress. the floors of the Trump hotel rooms or pay higher than the Trump Tower market income, according to the Democrats Committee.

Other issues could be dealing with security crimes, attacks on government officials and officials, ethics scandals involving senior officials in the administration, and immigration and separation policies for Trump children on the southern border.

Adam Schiff of California

Vice-President Adam Schiff, D-Calif., Member of the House Information Committee, arrives at a Capitol Hill meeting in Washington, DC, July 18, 2018. (Photo: AP)

When the Congress Democrats in March concluded that there was no collusion between the truce campaign and Russia, Schiff called for the end of this year to end up in "terrible poor service in the country and the American people."

A former federal prosecutor, he said already in February that there was "abundant evidence" that the accident campaign coincided with Russia in 2016, although he left Mueller to prove beyond reasonable doubt.

Schiff may chair the House's Information Committee if the Democrats win the House and are not ready to give up the investigation.

He said in a statement that Democrats would have to "fully evaluate which areas of investigation in Russian research still require full accounting", reviewing their work together with what the Senate and Mueller revealed.

"There are serious and credible allegations that the Russians may have economic power over the president, including perhaps even legalizing Russian money through his businesses," Schiff said on October 12 at the Washington Post. "It would be a shame for our national security not to know."

Jerrold Nadler, New York

Mr. Jerrold Nadler, NY, Joined Left of Chairman of the Jury Committee, Bob Goodlatte, R-Va., Makes a statement at a hearing on arms rights at Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, 29 November 2017. (Photo: J. Scott Applewhite, AP)

Nadler could chair the Committee on Jurisdiction, which has jurisdiction over articles of the ban.

So far, he has been kept for his position, telling the Atlantic in September that he has not seen information that is "positive evidence that he has committed unacceptable offenses."

Regardless, it is clear that Nadler will pursue a dynamic supervisory agenda. A report by the Democratic Staff of the Committee called "Recording of abuse, corruption and inactivity" launches the majority of the ACP because it has failed to conduct substantive oversight on many issues, including election security, the application of federal rules of conduct, the breach of the Constitution's compensation clause and allegations of impediment to justice.

He told The New York Times last month that if Democrats gain control, the committee will launch a search for allegations of sexual abuse and pseudo-justice against Brett Kavanaugh, arguing that the Senate failed to advise and consent. said the commission would probably refer to the White House and FBI archives, which conducted a survey of claims the Democrats said were not sufficiently comprehensive.

Nadler was also a critic of Trump's immigration policy, another issue under the jurisdiction of the committee.

"The abuses and moral negligence we have seen in Trump, the Truth and Congressional Campaign clearly show the need to address the culture of corruption that has developed in the absence of proper controls of power," Nadler said, providing the weekly Democratic Directorate the past month. "This corruption lies at the heart of what Donald Tromm stands for: self-directed and ego-causing decisions that are against the American people."

Maxine Waters of California

The House Commissioner for Financial Services, Maxine Waters, D-Calif., Asks a question from Housing and Urban Development Minister Ben Carson at a hearing on June 27, 2018 at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. (Photo by Jacquelyn Martin, AP)

Waters was among the more than twelve Democrats and critics of Trump critics who were targeting last month with suspicious packages carrying bomb-like devices Bleed the Trump to promote violence among his supporters and urged others not to be intimidated.

"We have to keep doing what we do to make the country right," she said in an interview with Blavity. "That's what I want to do, and as the young people say," I'm not afraid. ""

If the Democrats win this House, Waters will be able to lead the House Financial Services Committee. This means more power to explore a key interest – Trump's finances.

He has searched for records that could show if Trump, his family and his associates have economic ties with Russia.

He would also be able to look at Republican efforts to overturn Dodd-Frank Wall Street's defense protections.

"Financial service issues are critical to all Americans and our economy and I am focused on ensuring that our financial system is fair," she said in a statement.

Waters, who has long demanded Trump's revenge, made fuel this summer when he encouraged protesters to face government officials in the Cabinet. The accident responded calling "an extremely low IQ person" and he falsely claims that he wanted to hurt his supporters.

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