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If you've been following me for a while, especially on Instagram, you would have seen me regularly sharing things with Arteriors. I often pop up in their showroom just to get on top and talk to the group! Arteriors is a lighting, furniture and accessories brand founded in Dallas, Texas in 1987 and now has a beautiful showroom at the Design Center Chelsea Harbor, Europe's first brand showroom.

Arteriors London Showroom. Picture by Ryan Sullivan

Probably best known for their lighting, Arteriors have such a unique selection of small and large pieces that did not have access to the UK market until the launch of the United Kingdom in 2017. I know the interior designers of the United Kingdom were very excited. hear that they had opened an exhibition area and could easily identify Arteriors products in their projects. Arteriors has a huge base of interior design fans and you just have to take a look at the Instagram page to see how well known and talented designers work with their products internationally.

Arteries by Ryan Sullivan

Since their inception in 2017, they have already collaborated with Michelle Ogundehin, who was then the Publisher of Elle Decoration. This exclusive collaboration was created as part of the Arteriors' Designer Interpretations series, which invites designers to create decorative spaces using the Arteriors product range. Along with a more recent collaboration with luxury interior designers Hill House Interiors. "The Medina Lounge" launched in September of this year and was extremely successful, inspired by ancient design times, rich spices, delicate beading, flawless embroidery and alluring handmade pieces, creating a unique individual space Aladdin's real cave & # 39; touch. Can't wait to see what other great collaborations are coming up in the coming years!

Hill House & # 39; Medina Lounge & # 39; in collaboration with Arteriors

The cutting-edge, unique designs that transcend trends are the result of the talented team of product designers who travel extensively for inspiration and work closely with artisans from around the world to incorporate special techniques and finishes and more than making sure Arteriors is the best out there They are. From the unique gold plated lamps, to the barbecue stools and to the chandeliers perennial chandeliers, you will really miss the list and even more at the # arteriorshome where you can see the trademark in action on some amazing projects shared by their loyal customers. I've shared some of my favorites in this post!

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"From the understated to the unexpected, Arteriors offers an exceptional collection with special attention to material, texture, scale and finish." In that spirit, even though the Arteriors brand has such unique and interesting pieces, I really look forward to the year, it also has a huge supply of products – about 500 new products every year! This ensures that the brand is always fresh and never lacking in the satisfaction of hungry interior design community. You will always find exactly what you need to complete your design just perfectly.

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I am probably the biggest fan of their accessories, such one-of-a-kind pieces that will add a collectible, warm feel to your coffee table or shelf. It's great to have the brand here and I suggest you visit to fix any creative blocks you may have!

Arteriors London Showroom

301 East Center Design, Chelsea Port Design Center