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In this episode of Inner Hunter Podcast style we are united by none other than Joanna Wood! With decades of experience, a highly successful company and a biography to die, who would better discuss the past, present and future of Joanna's interiors.

In our conversation we talk about some of the fundamental building blocks of Joanna's practice and how history and genealogy play an important role in approaching fresh and new spaces. We are discussing specific works he has worked on, namely the recent renovation of the king's library.

Joanna gives us a great picture of what has helped her stay relevant and inspired for so many years and we get some details behind the scenes of her business secrets and tips!

Joanna emphasizes the importance of internal and external relations and swears, having a strong team to do the best. We can also hear a little about Joanna's personal favorites in media, design and destinations.

For all this and much more be sure to listen!

Key points of this episode:

  • Joanna's recent work in the king's library.
  • The approach adopted by Ioanna when he enters the mindset of an area.
  • Changes that have occurred in recent decades in interior design.
  • The latest trend toward maximizing, patterns and colors in the interior.
  • Looking back to the past for inspiration over the centuries.
  • Including personal favorites and hero pieces at the customer's site.
  • Business lessons learned by Joanna for years.
  • The importance of a strong and high-performing team and good relationships.
  • How Joanna brings herself and her personality to her work.
  • The spaces and places that help Joanna feel inspired.
  • Some of Joanna's biggest challenges were its operation.
  • The best and worst decisions that Ioanna took in ex post.
  • We look forward to Joanna and her company in the future.
  • Around questions with Joanna!
  • And many more!

Contact info:

"I like to present choices and I rather like to pre-organize myself in any life." – @joannawooduk [0:03:59.9]

"Now there is the middle century and then there are rubbish in the middle of the century." – @ joannawooduk [0:11:49.4]

"I love that purity of the early Georgian line." – @ joannawooduk [0:12:55.2]

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