Despite seven polling trials in Bengal, the KKR would play all the matches at home in Eden

The two-time Kolkata Knight Riders will play all of the Indian Premier League matches at Gardens Eden, despite the fact that West Bengal will be held in polls during the seven stages of the general election.

The BCCI published the full schedule of the round-the-clock matches on Tuesday March 23rd to May 5th. As usual, there will be a total of 56 races to be played during the six-week tournament. starts in the afternoon (4 p.m.) on weekends.

The team of IPL business teams has ensured that no team plays its matches within the alternating venues, as the general election will take place in seven phases from 12 April to 19 May. Even Kings XI Punjab, who had played some of his fights in Indore during previous releases, will play all their matches at Mohali

"The biggest challenge was to ensure that the KKR will play all of its games at Eden Gardens, as West Bengal is the only state to make polls on all seven dates, but with Calcutta and adjacent areas to be held on May 19th, were able to classify issues with the help of the government and local police authorities, "said a senior BCCI official.

Route: (Household Games) Chennai Super KingsMarch 23: against RCB (8 pm) March 31: against Rajasthan Royals (8 pm) April 6: against Kings XI Punjab (4 pm) April 9: vs KKR vs Sunrisers (8 pm) April 26: against the Mumbai Indians (8 pm) May 1: vs Delhi Capitals (20:00)

Delhi Capitals March 26: vs CSK (8 pm) March 30: Against KKR (8 pm) April 4: against Sunrisers (8 pm) April 18: against MM (20:00) April 20 : vs KXIP RCB (4 pm) May 4: against Rajasthan Royals (4 pm)

None XI Punjam Marsh 30: vs. MI (4 pm) April 1: against the Delhi Championship (8 pm) April 8: against sunshine (8 pm) April 13: against RCB (8 pm) ) April 16: Rajasthan Royals 3: against KKR (8 pm) May 5: vs CSK (4 pm)

Kickat Knight RidersMarch 24: vs. Sunrisers (4 pm) March 27: vs KXIP (8 pm) April 12: vs Delhi Capitals (8 pm) April 14: vs CSK (4 pm) ) April 19: vs RCB: against Rajasthan Royals (8 pm) April 28: against MI (8 pm)

Mumbai IndiansMarch 24: vs Delhi Capitals (8pm) April 3: vs CSK (8pm) April 10th: vs KXIP (8pm) April 13th: Rajasthan Royals (4pm) April 15: vs RCB: against Sunrisers (8 pm) May 5: vs KKR (8 pm)

Rajasthan RoyalsMarch 25: against KXIP (8 pm) April 2: against RCB (8 pm) April 7: against KKR (8 pm) April 11: against CSK (20:00) April 20: DC (20:00) April 27: against Sunrisers (8 pm)

Royal Challengers Bangalore March 28: vs. MI (8 pm) April 5: against KKR (8 pm) April 7: vs Delhi Capitals (4 pm) April 21: vs CSK: against Rajasthan Royals (8 pm) May 4: against Sunrisers (8 pm)

Sunrisers HyderabadMarch 29: against Rajasthan Royals (8 pm) March 31: against RCB (4 pm) April 6: against MI (8 pm) April 14: vs Delhi Capitals (20:00) 17 April: vs CSK: vs KKR (4 p.m.) April 29: against KXIP (8 p.m.).