Discovering Nostalgia: Television Classics Make a Return to Zee Bangla | TV news

In today's environment, we know that social exclusion and simple behavioral change at home and reducing public contact can help keep COVID-19 from spreading. At such a time, television has entered to keep up with the viewer's daily entertainment dose.

Entertaining with the addition of a nostalgic to our regular "TV Time", starting on March 30, Zee Bangla has returned some of its virtual shows – Ek Akasher Niche, Agnipariksha, Amar Durga, Dweep Jwele Jai, Bhootu, Sayeni Gyenda Re Ga Ma Pa and Mirakkel to keep viewers entertained.

Zee Bangla has always put its consumer at the forefront of everyone's attention and has succeeded in meeting the entertainment needs of the wider Venetian Diaspora for the last 20 years. It has been heard from the voice of consumers to bring back the channel's landmark screenings for 20 years in terms of both fiction and non-fiction. Zee Bangla hopes that worship concerts will definitely bring back the intense nostalgic values ​​and take the viewers back to their good old days and strengthen the quality family time and help them get through this difficult phase.

The channel has redefined their planning by restarting a series of successive and iconic events of the past, which will give families the opportunity to relive their memories and then strike a happy conversation among family members. The same was seen as an extension of the "20 Ke Kurnish" campaign, an annual campaign launched by Zee Bangla last year to celebrate its glorious 20 years.

The choice of shows was based on requests received from the channel's audience for a long time. Responding to a recent post by Zee Bangla on social media, these appearances not only emerged as the most likely candidates, but also underscored their importance even today. These concerts have reshaped Bangla TV's industry, with their progressive content and unique narrative, making their audience sought after even after so many years.

This is how the list looks like. Catch them daily at Zee Bangla.

Stay safe and stay inside. Let Zee Bangla offer you entertainment!