Discussing Design Mayfair Design and Design with James Malcolm Green

Welcome to its second season Interior Style Hunter Podcast, hosted by Grant Pierrus. This series of interviews is going to give you an inside view of the world of design from a business perspective. Our goal is to find out how some fellow entrepreneurs have overcome certain issues in their business and apply it in our own circumstances.

In this third episode, we welcome James Malcolm Green, Gallery Director Achille Salvagni Atelier and founder of the Mayfair Design District.

We discover some exciting ideas in the Mayfair design area.

Highlights from this episode

  • Why Java founded the Mayfair design site. [0:06:35]
  • Creation of a collective design. [0:13:50]
  • What should the buyer look for? What does "version" mean? [0:17:54]
  • How PAD affects the design sector. [0:23:00]
  • Features of what to expect in the Mayfair Provincial Study in September. [0:27:24]

All this and more in today's episode! So make sure you tune in to hear it all.

Links to today's episode:

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