Dolce & Gabbanas The Shanghai report has been canceled following the series of Work and Life Racism

At today's awakening times, fashion houses have often found themselves on the wrong side of many discussions. Of designers and brands that are not of a different size, rapid fashion destroying our planet and the concerns of affiliated work, the controversy was many. While it is difficult to look at the glamor of all this – from those amazing sewing pieces to the most Instagrammable trends, not to mention the celebrities we wear them, we must recognize that fashion can no longer be deaf.

Yesterday, Dolce & Gabbana, a iconic Italian brand known for her sexy perfumes and has an impressive list of accessories, beauty and glasses, published a video on the Weibo Chinese social media site, in front of her fashion show in Shanghai. He showed a Chinese model trying to eat pasta and pizza with chopsticks. A male voice asks exemplarily the model that struggles to eat cannellons "Is it too big for you?"

The most deleted video was immediately called for a racist, sexist and disrespectful attitude towards the Chinese people and their traditions.

It did not end there. Stefano Gabbana – Half of the designers behind the label were invited by Michaela Phuong Thanh Tranova through a private message about Instagram about the deaf video tone. The interaction ended with Stefano saying that China, the country was "shit." Then he burst out saying "China Ignorant Dirty Mafia" was the reason why the video was taken. Screenshots of the exchange were published in the self-proclamation of the fashion industry Diet Prada. Soon, the Chinese models held for the show canceled their appearance. Later, the government banned the broadcast from happening. Alibaba and other Chinese retailers pulled the brand from their sites.

This is not the first time Stephanos has spoken of controversy – he says that IVF is a method of unnatural conception by inviting the children studied by this method of "synthetic" insinuators of Selena Gomez and Chiara Ferragni at Instagram, by calling bad fashion manager will be allowed to take their label. After the reaction, the brand and Stefano took the convenient route claiming their account was engraved. They then issued this statement: "Our dream was to bring to Shanghai a tribute dedicated to China, which tells our story and our vision," said Gabbana and co-founder Domenico Dolce in an electronic statement earlier scandal. "What happened today was very unfortunate not only for us but also for all the people who worked day and night to bring this event to life."

The world is becoming smaller and this lack of respect for another culture will no longer be ignored. The air of superiority that only Westerns eat with forks and knives is similar to Oprah reaching India, and it is a shock that we Indians eat with our hands. And to mock a country with such a high purchasing power as China is suicide, and Dolce & Gabbana deserves to learn a lesson that racism has consequences. Fashion has to be more comprehensive, whether it's color people, trans people or those who do not fit in size.